2014 : Time to seed your Intentions.


DSCN1632The New Year has kicked off and is well on its way and 2014 is now 10 days old.  How our world has changed from the first days of 2013!

The changes are felt subtly and powerfully on the energetic level and dramatically in the physical space. Extreme temperatures in some parts of the planet reflect some extreme emotions experienced by many.  (Earth as a conscious being is rebalancing and healing herself). Take a deep breath and  make a conscious effort to allow yourself to seek and appreciate the gifts of life all around you. I know that you are all aware of this but we sometime need reminding to see the glass ‘half full’ instead of ‘half empty’. Because in our interaction with some people with a vibration of ‘half empty’, we might entrain ours to theirs and it will sabotage our own vibration of gratitude and appreciation for where we are at in the Field of infinite potential.

“Intentions are like showing flash cards to the Universe, it is Time to seed your intentions for the new year we have just entered” Melissa Joy J.

I have noted a different way that the dimensional energies envelopes my healing sessions since the beginning of 2014, my awareness of the multidimensionality of the ‘space’  that I step into when I interface with a client, is a sense of joy and fluidity not experienced at that depth before. There has been a huge change in the energetic space around us; more ‘energetic light’ was allowed in to help us clear our stuff and heal. ** This influx of light is triggering accelerated manifestation of our intentions. Be mindful of not dwelling in thought patterns that are not resonating with your intended outcomes. What flash card are you displaying to the Universe? It will faithfully return it to you. The Universe makes no judgement and is totally impersonal.  It is just energy.

Albert Einstein said that “”imagination was more important than knowledge” 

Imagination: image of your intentions are the blue print for their manifestation.  Attention + Intention=Manifestation.  ie the focus  of your attention will create the material manifestation  of your intention.  It already exists in your hologram as a possible ‘timeline’ to be experienced and has yet to be materialised. Your situation, however it is showing up in your life now, will not remain static. Select the vibration of appreciation and gratitude; keep it constantly flowing in and out of your energy field  ie secure your energetic space as you would secure your house: You dwell in it and It supports your physicality. .

Change timelines /track lines and get over the fear of change:  Can you be comfortable with Uncertainty? Oh so difficult for most of us as we are not aware of our multidimensional abilities and let fear dominate our space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               “Our minds are tuned or are tuneable to multiple dimensions, multiple realities. The freely associating mind is able to pass across time barriers, sensing the future, and reappraising the past. Our minds are time machines, able to sense the flow of possibility waves from both the past and the future”    Alan Wolff

(I recently experience going through sandy tracks in a remote area of the country and in some places there are several tracks clearly leading to the same destination. Additional tracks had been created by travellers when the original track had become impassable due to rain and this picture of multiple tracks on a barren area illustrated for me our potential to change timelines/track lines in the sand of our lives and experience a different reality.)

“Time serves as a locator and organiser of realities, creating invisible boundaries as containers for creation.” Path of Empowerment by  B. Marciniack.

Healing sessions.

Time as a ‘boundary to contain reality’ seems to blur and fade during a healing session as past, future and present meld in the now moment to reveal the whole being, a being of light.  Transcending time and space and no longer confined to this perceived reality but completely expended and in communion with all that is. Healing is unblocking old pain and allowing the trapped energy to flow freely as new codes of perceptions are activated.. travel a different reality…a different timeline shows up.  I love what I do and do what I love as a change agent and thank the Universe for activating this timeline for me Now.

What else is possible?

** (we understand that 2 energetic portals of light opened in 2013, the second one in December 2013, flooding some areas with light and dissipating dark energies ie August 2013 the war in Syria was averted due to that opening  )


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