Do Distant Healing Sessions really work?


Do Prayer and Distant Healing Sessions really work?

Here is a Bodytalk evidence-based test done in Pune, India.

*Dr Ka’imi Pilipovich in conjunction with The Centre of Bio Field Sciences put together research to illustrate that distance healing really does have a measurable effect on the systems of the body.  Dr Pilipovich presented this research at the Internal Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine ISSSEEM conference.

The talk was received enthusiastically and Ka’imi brought awareness of Bodytalk and its potential to the scientific community. The theme of the ISSSEEM conference was evidence- based spirituality with a particular focus to the question: “Does prayer and Psychic Healing really work and can this ability be shared more effectively and more widely?”

The pilot study was designed to measure real-time changes in the human energy field during a distant BODYTALK session to demonstrate the efficacy of this technique. All subjects were at the Centre for Bio Field Sciences in Pune, India. Distant BODYTALK sessions were sent by Dr Don Ka’imi Pilipovich from his clinic in Boulder, Colorado. Two Biofield scanning devices were used to scan the subjects and Medical Thermal Imaging scans were also take before and after the sessions.

All experimental subject reported positive changes in health two days after the sessions. The Biofield scans revealed noticeable changes in the subjects during the sessions.

Quantum physics describes this phenomenon as a non-local quantum hologram, that information can be accessed via the mind/body by connected parties without having to be in the presence of each other.

The in-person sessions and distant sessions do have a different character. On a personal level I do enjoy the one on one where the client gives immediate feed-back and acknowledge the information coming up to be cleared/balanced. ‘The power of touch adds a sense of connection to in person sessions, but being at a distance often aids being neutral, and sometimes find the “outside the box” solution easier when not distracted by what the person looks like or worrying about if they are judging you. Don Ka’imi’.

During a Bodytalk session the ‘muscle testing tool’ allows us to find out the exact nature of what is going on with each client. By merely observing the imbalances that are occurring… they start to change (this is one application of the Heisenberg Principle). This field of infinite possibilities is often referred as the unseen or unmanifested potential that we hold in our energy field. The mind, as a receiving and transmitting radio station, allows us to tune into a different potential to the one where the client is experiencing pain or discomfort. We use a very old method of ‘tapping’ on the body/mind complex to unable this shift to occur.

I have been a  Bodytalk practitioner since 2004 and absolutely love what I do: Facilitating the transformational process for clients who are ready to shift into a different way of seeing life. I often describe myself as a window cleaner…that is, cleaning the windows of perception of the clients’ reality to a different possibility/probability of doing life. I am so humbled by the changes that happens with each interaction…difficult to put into words. Words are like cups of light that hold potential, they can define and confine the changes taking place and so limit the infinite unfolding possibilities.



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