A transformation

When we shift our way of perceiving and thinking, our world responds to us differently. New patterns of perception will arise and express the creation of a new aspect of our potential. Shift the inner-workings of your body-mind and allow old learning, ‘wisdom’, to rearrange itself in a new way: A transformation.

Feelings and emotions are our reactions to situation based upon the interpretation of events through our filters of perception. Our childhood training and cultural conditioning plays a large role here as they have created most of our filters. These emotions are our mirrors that allow us energetically to respond to and become aware of our own calibration to events or experiences. How we perceive our reality can and does affect how the world responds to us.

“When we experience emotions, an intracellular resonance is set up, that promotes changes, be it either coherence or dissonance. This positively or negatively affects our DNA, helping it to code more precisely as revealed in studies conducted by the Institute of HeartMath. The pendulum of our emotions was designed to swing but always come back to balance. If our emotions swing and get stuck for one reason or another, then we become ‘unbalanced’. Scientist tell us that the body operates as a series of antennas, receiving and transmitting electromagnetic messages, so if parts of the body are ‘frozen’, caused by unresolved emotions, then the body cannot function at optimum level .These areas become dead zones, no messages can get there or be received” from Tuning the Diamonds by S J Rennisson.

Accelerated Transformation

Every planet in our solar system is undergoing Transformation, specifically now, in an accelerated way. As we are energetically linked to, and are an integral part of our world our bodies are experiencing this change on unprecedented levels both internally and externally, adding stress to our bodies which translates to imbalances and pain.

Resisting this change is futile; it is like trying to stop the tide from coming in, it is an unstoppable force. We need to align ourselves with this change, let go of our baggage and prepare our bodies to hold and carry more electromagnetic charge.

There are evolutionary tools for personal Transformation to assist us in this process and deal with these trapped memory parts. This process is within our control, the keys are in our hands.

In transformation everything is changed and yet remains essentially the same.

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