In my own experience, transformation is an evolutionary process that comes from experiencing, learning and moving on.

The pace at which it happens varies just enough to allow me to get comfortable with the new learning/experience/knowledge and all of a sudden some new event in my life shakes the base of understanding and the process start again.

When I resisted this change at all cost, early in my life, (I wanted to retain the status quo of what little security I felt I had) life was difficult, a burden, and I felt as if I was swimming against the current of life until I shifted my thinking and accepted the responsibility for what was happening to me. I used the ‘helicopter method’ of looking from a different perspective, from a detached one, to shift the victim mentality of things being done to me and started looking at what it is that I am thinking and creating that is bringing experiences in my life.

I have always been fascinated by the metaphysical, the greater aspect of life, and couldn’t accept that I was limited to the here and now of gross materialism.

When I started asking the big question: Who Am I? why am I here? I allowed myself to delve into my passion and read avidly from the masters to find the answers, but found it difficult to verbally express my expanded view of the universe. Through a series of magical synchronicities I experienced the Electromagnetic Field Balancing technique, and my inner life changed. I felt a quiet power that I did not have but always knew was there.

I work from home in a peaceful environment

When I finally moved on from a corporate environment to doing what I love the most: people empowerment through healing, it was a transformation that had been brought about from years of inner search. Change of mindset, working for my self and being totally responsible for the outcome with no guarantees was like jumping without a parachute. I went thru an internal debate about staying in a “good job” which had taken years of preparation to get there.

Staying in a comfort zone, which was becoming more uncomfortable as my inner voice was pushing me to do my own ‘thing’, I experienced an aspect of the paradox of life : stability versus change. Having to take a position, the pushing and retreating back into ‘comfort’ and finally seeing these feelings for what they are: 2 sides of the same coin. An unresovable dilemma, I was learning to understand the phenomena of polarity. I had to learn to hold the tension of the feeling of fear and exhilaration at the same time and realizing that in this situation one did not exist without the other.

Fear of leaving the security behind and exhilaration that goes with doing what I love. I am so grateful for the experience of walking thru that fear!

The tools that I use in my practice are The Bodytalk System™ , the Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique® and recently added the magical Matrix Energetics approach. Formidable, powerful techniques that have changed my life and that of many others from an internal perspective and therefore the outer life reflect this change.

I work from home in a tranquil and peaceful environment and have been doing so since the end of 2003. My clients are amazed at the simplicity of this work and most will confirm that they have never felt better in their lives!

I qualified as a Parama Bodytalk Practitioner and am supported by the International Bodytalk Association. I am also a Master in Practice of the EMF Balancing technique this technique is taught and practiced in over 60 countries world wide.