Encoded in your energy field are ‘patterns of light and information’ that  impact on your wellbeing  in one way or another, I engage with this information by gently releasing their negative effect on your bodymind so you can move forward in life with a new approach rather than recreating the same pattern.

(Life repeats itself in patterns and often it is from generations past and these patterns strongly influence our approach to life. Like we inherit our physical traits from our parents we also inherit their belief system, prejudice etc.)
Simply put, I act as interpreter to unscramble and make sense of your body’s symptoms guided by your innate intelligence; these symptoms always leave clues on your current challenges, obstacles, and issues. I bring them to the surface, in consciousness, so you can transform them on an energy level.

My involvement is as a catalyst for change, an objective observer, and work on the energetic layers of your body, which affects your physicality, to help initiate shifts which are most times gentle but can sometimes cause changes in a big way: changes in perspective on your life. I fully support your intention for change and transformation, work with full respect of the body, heart and spirit. The responsibility for action/healing/transformation is up to you and as always the final decision is yours on how many sessions you will require.

My clinic is home based, it is in a tranquil and peaceful environment and have been working like so since the end of 2003. My clients are amazed at the simplicity of this work and most will confirm that they have never felt better in their lives!

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Session: A wellness intake form is completed by the client so that all current challenges that the client experience is understood. The first session will mostly last 1 hr or so and the follow up session will be shorter. 40ms to 45ms or it may be longer according to the individual innate intelligence that day. Sessions can be in person or if the client resides in another part of the world it can be done “distant”.