Actors in the theatre of life: The masks we wear.

Actors in the theatre of life: The masks we wear.

In fact the personality, our personality that we strongly identify with, is a collection of masks that ‘helps’ us do life. And in the playground of life we play these roles that  keep affirming ‘us’, the person we think we are.

Since our thoughts are things and our brain does not make a difference between reality and perceived reality: Pretend!

We can think and see ourselves as being ‘content’ or ‘peaceful’ and the patterns of our lives will change to match the different vibration that we have introduced in our selves ie change the mask and  the circumstances magically changes.

We can call it renaming the role, like in a play, changing the role will change how the patrons see you and will respond to you differently.

Life is a stage as Shakespeare rightly said and so choose your role well, shift to a place/reality/world view where you soar, drop the world view of limitation and scarcity. It wasn’t meant to be like this, we bought into the group consciousness of   limitation and powerlessness in all sphere of life.

The time  for change is Now. The Universe is responding to our thoughts and our DNA is listening to our thoughts!.

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