Are you nurturing yourself?

DSCN1625Are you nurturing yourself first?.

Are you aware of the millions of processes that your body is engaged in right now? If all is well, you are unconscious of these processes. So much of your physical and mental activity is below  the threshold of your awareness, your automatic pilot is operating ‘things’ in your world.

All is well if all systems within systems are running coherently as you are integrating within the environment, absorbing the input, digesting the information that your senses are picking up and in milliseconds made a connection to your ‘vault of stored knowledge’ to check if your world is safe or threatening…The security system whose  job is to keep you alive is activated.

It might seem that this security system apparatus is over stretched in our world today…too many alarm bells ringing, causing anxiety, can lead to disruption of our operating systems. Remember to nurture yourself and address this energetically and strengthened your ability to respond with calm and confidence to life situations.

Acknowledge with gratitude and appreciation what marvel this vehicle that is housing your energy, this vehicle you call ‘me’ and it has done so since your first heartbeat. Your body can heal itself , the intelligence that informs your physiology will rebalance  and restore the status to allow you to respond to life instead of reacting to life: The Bodytalk System of Health.

The Body is a complex series of energy systems within systems. For these systems to function properly, they need to have good communication within themselves and in relation to other systems. In most people, the communication networks are failing. The ‘bodymind’ communication is malfunctioning, so there is diminished ‘talking’ between the various body systems. The Bodytalk System enables the ‘bodymind’ to re-establish its lines of communication so that it can once again bring about a state of harmony and health.


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