Astrology imprint

Good explanation of Astrology extract from Kryon book 12.
“Astrological imprint.
It is a snapshot of the pattern of the solar system at birth. Astrology is the oldest science on the planet and it probably very related to gravitational and magnetic imprints, which are a multidimensional patterning of the sun. The incredible push and pull of the planets creates this pattern at the sun’s core. This pattern gets transmitted to the earth every moment through inductance with the solar wind (heliosphere). You can see the place where inductance actually happens through the observation of the aurora borealis, where the heliosphere overlaps the earth’s magnetic field(you actually get sparks!). This places the sun’s quantum imprint onto the magnetic grid of the planet. The magnetic grid, which overlaps the magnetics of our DNA, then patterns a portion of our DNA at birth(again through inductance).
Many don’t believe in astrology but are the first to acknowledge the Human crazies of a full moon experience!.” The Twelve layers of DNA . KRYON BOOK 12

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