BARS Access Conciousness. Testimonial from Brigitte P.

“Dear Chris

I wanted to give you some feedback after a period of time to see whether the changes I initially experienced with BARS have stayed with me. Often I feel a change after a healing session and ‘life’ gets me down (I know, it’s me doing it) and I fall again……well this time there has been a remarkable difference!

After the BARS session and for a few days thereafter, I felt lighter with no negative thoughts at all. I figured I wouldn’t have much to say in my journal however I wrote 3 to 4 pages of deep gratitude and love. I feel joy and love, and feel happy for the first time in as long as I can remember. I feel as though my heart has now opened  (this is a BIGGIE for me)………. The biggest change has been my level of awareness  I have a deep sense of peace, and calm, and wonder, that I previously had in fleeting moments only……

I have also been inspired to DO things, such as exercise (yay!), getting out, connecting with family and friends………….really connecting! Not just going through the motions……

I still have negative thoughts coming in (not as intense, quieter) and the best part is that I notice them in the moment and release them or change it to a positive. The negative thoughts are not having the same depressing, downward spiral impact as before. I am amazed as I observe myself and am so aware of feelings and my behaviour in the moment! I do have some times where I’m tired and yet I don’t go downhill as before. I observe, breathe and nurture myself and before long I’m feeling ok again.

All I can say is THANK YOU CHRIS  for introducing me to BARS. This is by far the biggest shift I have ever had (or that I’m aware of).


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