Do Distant Healing Sessions really work?

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Do Prayer and Distant Healing Sessions really work?

Here is a Bodytalk evidence-based test done in Pune, India.

*Dr Ka’imi Pilipovich in conjunction with The Centre of Bio Field Sciences put together research to illustrate that distance healing really does have a measurable effect on the systems of the body.  Dr Pilipovich presented this research at the Internal Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine ISSSEEM conference.

The talk was received enthusiastically and Ka’imi brought awareness of Bodytalk and its potential to the scientific community. The theme of the ISSSEEM conference was evidence- based spirituality with a particular focus to the question: “Does prayer and Psychic Healing really work and can this ability be shared more effectively and more widely?”

The pilot study was designed to measure real-time changes in the human energy field during a distant BODYTALK session to demonstrate the efficacy of this technique. All subjects were at the Centre for Bio Field Sciences in Pune, India. Distant BODYTALK sessions were sent by Dr Don Ka’imi Pilipovich from his clinic in Boulder, Colorado. Two Biofield scanning devices were used to scan the subjects and Medical Thermal Imaging scans were also take before and after the sessions.

All experimental subject reported positive changes in health two days after the sessions. The Biofield scans revealed noticeable changes in the subjects during the sessions.

Quantum physics describes this phenomenon as a non-local quantum hologram, that information can be accessed via the mind/body by connected parties without having to be in the presence of each other.

The in-person sessions and distant sessions do have a different character. On a personal level I do enjoy the one on one where the client gives immediate feed-back and acknowledge the information coming up to be cleared/balanced. ‘The power of touch adds a sense of connection to in person sessions, but being at a distance often aids being neutral, and sometimes find the “outside the box” solution easier when not distracted by what the person looks like or worrying about if they are judging you. Don Ka’imi’.

During a Bodytalk session the ‘muscle testing tool’ allows us to find out the exact nature of what is going on with each client. By merely observing the imbalances that are occurring… they start to change (this is one application of the Heisenberg Principle). This field of infinite possibilities is often referred as the unseen or unmanifested potential that we hold in our energy field. The mind, as a receiving and transmitting radio station, allows us to tune into a different potential to the one where the client is experiencing pain or discomfort. We use a very old method of ‘tapping’ on the body/mind complex to unable this shift to occur.

I have been a  Bodytalk practitioner since 2004 and absolutely love what I do: Facilitating the transformational process for clients who are ready to shift into a different way of seeing life. I often describe myself as a window cleaner…that is, cleaning the windows of perception of the clients’ reality to a different possibility/probability of doing life. I am so humbled by the changes that happens with each interaction…difficult to put into words. Words are like cups of light that hold potential, they can define and confine the changes taking place and so limit the infinite unfolding possibilities.



How do you view your world? Are you a drop in the ocean?

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How do you view your world?

Are you a drop in the ocean, too small to make a difference…give it some thought as your thoughts have influence on your environment, they leave an imprint there.

“Our understanding of the complexities of our world occurs through the constant melding of the observer and the observer.” The Bond, Lynn McTaggart

We share a circuitry in our brain, that mirror what we observe. There does not seem to be a distinction between what we observe and are experiencing. It is as if it is ‘experienced’ by ourselves.

At the movies we feel joy, pain, and a gamut of emotions as we watch the scenes develop in front of our eyes. How often you have walked out of a movie theatre and felt either exhausted or joyful? Your mirror neurons reacted to the scenes as if it was happening to you. The act of observing the emotions in another trigger a cascade of chemicals in our own bodies. There are enormous implications on Rizzolatti discovery, now universally acknowledged “how the brain processes the actions and emotions of others”: Dr Giacomo Rizzolatti, neurologist from the University of Parma, Italy.

As his work makes clear, perceiving the world is not an individual affair limited to our own mental capacities, but a process involving shared neural circuitry. ‘We internalise the experience of others at every moment, automatically and immediately without conscious effort, using neural shorthand created from our own experience.’

We are all one if our brain shares the emotions of someone else that we are either just watching or interacting with. These neurons firing in sympathy with others confirms for me that we are all in the ‘Field’. We are the Field and that we have the ability to influence the directions of our world . So, the old worn out adage of thinking positive thoughts here is  somewhat relevant, as we interact with one another. Our brain is a receiver, translator and sender of encoded information that unites us all.

We are the drop in the ocean and We are the ocean.


What does wellness mean to you?

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What does wellness mean to you?

We all have points of reference to go back to measure our level of wellness.

There have been times in our lives when we didn’t have a care in the world. Our world consisted of a series of moment to moment of pocket of activities that prevented us from thinking too much of what was happening around us. Or shall I say where we were at on our timeline path to adulthood. We were not aware of our contribution to the energy field of general Consciousness, we were engrossed in the Consciousness present in the society we lived in. As we evolve through life, our thoughts about ‘life’ changes. We learn to accept others as they are, not as we want them to be, and experience a change in Consciousness and in turn alter the Consciousness of the planet. We affect the ‘Field’ whether we are aware of it or not. This Field, that interconnects us all, has an immense influence on our lives.  (Recall some activities that were considered acceptable by our families’, their circle of friends that now feel alien to us. We, the whole of humanity, have had a shift in Consciousness and no longer can adopt/accept a point of view that our parents, peers, teachers endorsed in their timeline.) seattle and sac may 2011 051

Like humanity, Consciousness is evolving constantly, wellness use to be an absence of sickness or discomfort but more and more people are wanting to move beyond that place of surviving to being fully present in their bodies and feel the joy of living in a physical vessel that mirrors their thinking.

 Consciousness has different textures of reality within it. These other spheres of reality exist but feels out of bound to our linear thinking mind. This idea is gaining grounds.* Our minds are multidimensional and unlimited by space time, we can shift to another space/place and find answers to our concerns, shift to a reality where the ‘concern’ is not presently active. How often have you said “I am not in a good place” when you were out of sorts with consensus reality, recognising that there is a place where you are at ease with yourself i.e well.

This Consciousness technology is available within us, we can find it in our Heart space, where grace resides.

Life could unfold differently if we only allowed ourselves to think differently and step out of our rational mind,

 ‘Accepting that reality is a dream would just be another belief, and no belief is true.” Jed McKenna

*Dr R Bartlett, Terence McKenna and many others.

What was your life like in the womb? Posted on February 25, 2015 by Biology of Belief.

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turbulent waters BergWhat was your life like in the womb?

You were a complex, small creature that had a pre-birth life in the womb that profoundly influenced your long-term health and behavior: “The quality of life in the womb, our temporary home before we were born, programs our susceptibility to coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and a multitude of other conditions in later life,” writes Dr. Peter W. Nathanielsz in Life in the Womb: The Origin of Health and Disease. [Nathanielsz 1999] Recently, an even wider range of adult-related chronic disorders, including osteoporosis, mood disorders and psychoses, have been intimately linked to pre- and perinatal developmental influences. [Gluckman and Hanson 2004] Recognizing the role the prenatal environment plays in creating disease forces a reconsideration of genetic determinism. Nathanielsz writes: “There is mounting evidence that programming of lifetime health by the conditions in the womb is equally, if not more important, than our genes in determining how we perform mentally and physically during life. Gene myopia is the term that best describes the current all-pervasive view that our health and destiny throughout life are controlled by our genes alone…In contrast to the relative fatalism of gene myopia, understanding the mechanisms that underlie programming by the quality of life in the womb, we can improve the start in life for our children and their children.” The programming “mechanisms” Nathanielsz refers to are the epigenetic mechanisms, discussed earlier, by which environmental stimuli regulate gene activity. As Nathanielsz states, parents can improve the prenatal environment. In so doing they act as genetic engineers for their children. The idea that parents can transmit hereditary changes from their life to their children is, of course, a Lamarckian concept that conflicts with Darwinism. Nathanielsz is one of the scientists who are now brave enough to invoke the “L” word for Lamarck: “…the transgenerational passage of characteristics by nongenetic means does occur. Lamarck was right, although transgenerational transmission of acquired characteristics occurs by mechanisms that were unknown in his day.” The responsiveness of individuals to the environmental conditions perceived by theirs mothers before birth allows them to optimize their genetic and physiologic development as they adapt to the environmental forecast.


Gluckman, P. D. and M. A. Hanson (2004). “Living with the Past: Evolution, Development, and Patterns of Disease.” Science 305: 1733-1736.

Nathanielsz, P. W. (1999). Life In the Womb: The Origin of Health and Disease. Ithaca, NY, Promethean Press.


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500Heaven….No living person has seen it and yet we all have preconceived ideas of what this place looks like and how desirable it is. We sacrifice so much to get there, one day, all on a promise of some far away god that we can only have residence there if we follow some strict rules of do’s and don’ts

There have been some people who have experienced a NDE and have tried to explain the bliss and joy of not having a physical body and floating in the nebulous glorious environment that they named Heaven. Heaven, the word that has held so many promises of wondrous beauty, unimaginable to our conscious knowledge, is the only appropriate word to describe their extraordinary experiences where they find themselves. Annie Kagan author of ‘The Afterlife of Billy Fingers’ has some pearl of wisdom communicated to her from her brother Billy. Billy was run over by a vehicle and died and his ongoing after-death communications with his sister details the wonder of life beyond death. It is a powerful, liberating and healing book. Healing , well, it takes away my “ hell or heaven”, “reward and punishment” that I  have been threatened by an authoritative ecclesiastic clergy since childhood.

Billy has only experiences benevolence, unconditional love and bliss after he left the planet and even called the car that ended his life: God’s delivery vehicle.  He experienced no Judgement and he himself has no judgement on the driver of the ‘delivery vehicle’ who ended his misery on earth!

He is quite philosophical when he watches his ‘hologram’ , the hologram of the earthly life of Billy Fingers :

 “When were alive there something inside us, a sort of cosmic computer chip, that records everything we go through. Right now I am watching my whole life from my birth to my death, I am looking here, looking there, fast forwarding , rewinding,  zooming in and out  I see the paths  I took,  and the ones I didn’t, I see where my genius was, and where I might have done better. I don’t feel moralistic or judgmental about any of it though .It all just seems interesting. What really great is that this hologram has a very special feature.  You know how you sometimes think to yourself, “what if’s” for example when I was alive I often wondered. What if I had married my first love or what if I had done well in school? Well, guess what, my hologram is expandable. I can live out the life those ‘what ifs’ would have brought me to  … is all fascinating and I have no regrets

After you die, when you watch your hologram, you get to see everything who loved you, who hated you, what they did for you, and what they did to you when your back was turned.”

He gives her several pearl of wisdom:

If people could see each other’s soul, the whole world might shut down. You can understand why seeing souls could be a problem on earth; It would become one big love-in.

And so importantly one recommendation:  If there is one thing worth doing on your planet it’s discovering self love.

And he prompts her to believe in herself: The world is your oyster; You are the pearl and the oyster.

And my favourite from Billy: His explanation of what ‘quantum’ is:

Make a quantum leap. What do I mean by that? Well, let me give you Billy’s version of quantum—quantum in a few steps. What is the shortest distance between 2 points? The quickest way to get from here to there? It is a straight line? Not really, because you are already in both places. People say you can’t be in both places at the same time, they are wrong. Where ever you want to go, you are already there. And where ever you don’t want to go, you are already there too. Quantum requires that you keep your focus on where you want to go.

What is a quantum leap? It means that a change in perspective is a powerful thing. It means that the way you see something can actually change that something. The experiment you are so fond of, Schrodinger’s cat, is about quantum. Basically, it postulates that how you observe ‘something’ changes that ‘something’.

Quantum usually applies to subatomic particles, not to people. Bur people are actually vast universes of subatomic particles, and sometimes a shift in perspective makes the particles do a different dance, leap into a new reality. That’s why I’m saying viewpoint is everything. Not everything but a Lot. 

This book is a little gem, it leaves one with a feeling of freedom and ease of knowing that when we take the final steps of this earthly journey, it will not be a time of ‘dreaded ending’ but a time of transition to another plane of existence.

(Recently a neurosurgeon  Dr Eben  Alexander, wrote Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife)



Are you nurturing yourself?

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DSCN1625Are you nurturing yourself first?.

Are you aware of the millions of processes that your body is engaged in right now? If all is well, you are unconscious of these processes. So much of your physical and mental activity is below  the threshold of your awareness, your automatic pilot is operating ‘things’ in your world.

All is well if all systems within systems are running coherently as you are integrating within the environment, absorbing the input, digesting the information that your senses are picking up and in milliseconds made a connection to your ‘vault of stored knowledge’ to check if your world is safe or threatening…The security system whose  job is to keep you alive is activated.

It might seem that this security system apparatus is over stretched in our world today…too many alarm bells ringing, causing anxiety, can lead to disruption of our operating systems. Remember to nurture yourself and address this energetically and strengthened your ability to respond with calm and confidence to life situations.

Acknowledge with gratitude and appreciation what marvel this vehicle that is housing your energy, this vehicle you call ‘me’ and it has done so since your first heartbeat. Your body can heal itself , the intelligence that informs your physiology will rebalance  and restore the status to allow you to respond to life instead of reacting to life: The Bodytalk System of Health.

The Body is a complex series of energy systems within systems. For these systems to function properly, they need to have good communication within themselves and in relation to other systems. In most people, the communication networks are failing. The ‘bodymind’ communication is malfunctioning, so there is diminished ‘talking’ between the various body systems. The Bodytalk System enables the ‘bodymind’ to re-establish its lines of communication so that it can once again bring about a state of harmony and health.


2014 : Time to seed your Intentions.

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DSCN1632The New Year has kicked off and is well on its way and 2014 is now 10 days old.  How our world has changed from the first days of 2013!

The changes are felt subtly and powerfully on the energetic level and dramatically in the physical space. Extreme temperatures in some parts of the planet reflect some extreme emotions experienced by many.  (Earth as a conscious being is rebalancing and healing herself). Take a deep breath and  make a conscious effort to allow yourself to seek and appreciate the gifts of life all around you. I know that you are all aware of this but we sometime need reminding to see the glass ‘half full’ instead of ‘half empty’. Because in our interaction with some people with a vibration of ‘half empty’, we might entrain ours to theirs and it will sabotage our own vibration of gratitude and appreciation for where we are at in the Field of infinite potential.

“Intentions are like showing flash cards to the Universe, it is Time to seed your intentions for the new year we have just entered” Melissa Joy J.

I have noted a different way that the dimensional energies envelopes my healing sessions since the beginning of 2014, my awareness of the multidimensionality of the ‘space’  that I step into when I interface with a client, is a sense of joy and fluidity not experienced at that depth before. There has been a huge change in the energetic space around us; more ‘energetic light’ was allowed in to help us clear our stuff and heal. ** This influx of light is triggering accelerated manifestation of our intentions. Be mindful of not dwelling in thought patterns that are not resonating with your intended outcomes. What flash card are you displaying to the Universe? It will faithfully return it to you. The Universe makes no judgement and is totally impersonal.  It is just energy.

Albert Einstein said that “”imagination was more important than knowledge” 

Imagination: image of your intentions are the blue print for their manifestation.  Attention + Intention=Manifestation.  ie the focus  of your attention will create the material manifestation  of your intention.  It already exists in your hologram as a possible ‘timeline’ to be experienced and has yet to be materialised. Your situation, however it is showing up in your life now, will not remain static. Select the vibration of appreciation and gratitude; keep it constantly flowing in and out of your energy field  ie secure your energetic space as you would secure your house: You dwell in it and It supports your physicality. .

Change timelines /track lines and get over the fear of change:  Can you be comfortable with Uncertainty? Oh so difficult for most of us as we are not aware of our multidimensional abilities and let fear dominate our space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               “Our minds are tuned or are tuneable to multiple dimensions, multiple realities. The freely associating mind is able to pass across time barriers, sensing the future, and reappraising the past. Our minds are time machines, able to sense the flow of possibility waves from both the past and the future”    Alan Wolff

(I recently experience going through sandy tracks in a remote area of the country and in some places there are several tracks clearly leading to the same destination. Additional tracks had been created by travellers when the original track had become impassable due to rain and this picture of multiple tracks on a barren area illustrated for me our potential to change timelines/track lines in the sand of our lives and experience a different reality.)

“Time serves as a locator and organiser of realities, creating invisible boundaries as containers for creation.” Path of Empowerment by  B. Marciniack.

Healing sessions.

Time as a ‘boundary to contain reality’ seems to blur and fade during a healing session as past, future and present meld in the now moment to reveal the whole being, a being of light.  Transcending time and space and no longer confined to this perceived reality but completely expended and in communion with all that is. Healing is unblocking old pain and allowing the trapped energy to flow freely as new codes of perceptions are activated.. travel a different reality…a different timeline shows up.  I love what I do and do what I love as a change agent and thank the Universe for activating this timeline for me Now.

What else is possible?

** (we understand that 2 energetic portals of light opened in 2013, the second one in December 2013, flooding some areas with light and dissipating dark energies ie August 2013 the war in Syria was averted due to that opening  )


‘In Pursuit of Perfection’ by Estelle Koch

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IMG_0050“Katy was neither a Methodist nor a Masochist. She was a goddess and the silence of goddesses is genuinely golden. None of your superficial plating. A solid, twenty-two-carat silence all the way through. The Olympian’s trap is kept shut, not by an act of willed discretion, but because there’s really nothing to say. Goddesses are all of one piece. There’s no internal conflict in them. Whereas the lives of people like you and me are one long argument. Desires on one side, woodpeckers on the other. Never a moment of real silence.”
Aldous Huxley, The Genius And The Goddess

Paging through a magazine today, I came across an article about women and alcohol, the steady use and increase of abuse of which was being blamed on stress, worry etc. Now, if I were perfect, I would have read and simply let it go, but no, not me, not the woodpecker . . .
It is truly my belief that most of our stress comes from our desire to be perfect. Oh, no, sorry. Our desire to be seen to be perfect . . . well, no, not really, probably rather our need to be perfect at appearing to be perfect because then others would see us as perfect and that would be perfect.
Well, sort of – providing our husbands or partners are perfectly happy and content all the time, treat us wonderfully and behaves as a perfect husband would – that would, after all, show that we are perfect wives or partners. Tick that box.
Now – our children – there’s a place to score Noddy points!  All they need to do for us to be proven perfect parents is to be happy, healthy, clever, successful, beautiful, preferably rich and content human beings. If they pull this off, we can relax into silent wholeness, content in the knowledge that we got life perfectly right. Tick that box.
Then, finally, we have to be perfectly happy. Now that is a bit more difficult – it would mean that we totally love and accept our perfect jobs, our perfect bodies, our perfect homes, the perfect cars we drive, the sheer joy and fulfilment we get from being in the perfect job, and off course our perfect friends who rally around at the slightest hint of imperfection in our lives. Yeah right!
Perfection, when applied to our lives as a yardstick for happiness, offers only failure. We do not live by ourselves, isolated from the world and the choices and deeds of another. Perfection, when applied to our lives and circumstances, cannot be measured – for each person has a different set of values and measures, therefore requiring perfection is setting the scene for failure to live up to any one person’s idea of failure.(italic by Chris Lowe.)
Perfection does exist, both in the moment and in the greater creation. You see it in the perfect moment when the sky turns a colour that defies description at sunset or sunrise, in a note exquisitely sung, the touch of a baby’s hand or the gurgle of his laugh, the sound of rain on a roof, the silence of falling snow and the fleeting moment when, looking at something or someone you love, your heart feels as if it will burst.
Perfection is indefinable yet undisputed. We, as human beings, are perfect. We were created in perfect proportion and are perfectly equipped for what we are here to do. Every perceived imperfection is actually simply an opportunity for growth – either bringing us room to grow or, more challenging, room to love ourselves perfectly. The true perfection lies not in something tangible, but in the balance available to us. Where there is fear, there is courage, where there is doubt there is the ever present truth, where there is heartache there is always joy, where there is despair there is always hope and in the midst of cacophony, a moment of perfect silence.
Perfection, when seen in the rear view mirror of life, is very clear and brings many lessons that are, sadly, too often forgotten too soon. Retrospect is a wonderful thing, for it will often reveal how stalling the car at the stop street was perfectly timed to save your life from an oncoming truck, arriving early for a function was perfect as it allowed you to meet someone who has the potential to bring change to your life, buying a vehicle which everyone advised you against turned out perfect for your current circumstances.
We so often hear people speak of such experiences, only to hear them stressing and fussing about future choices, deliberating over unknown facts regarding major decisions, lying awake at night not knowing what to do next, conjuring up demons that do not even exist.
Perfection projected into the future can bring hope, vision and motivation – but it can also create immense tension, fear, worry and uncertainty. The majority of us can describe our ‘perfect’ home, car, child, friend . . . the list goes on. In doing this, we place into the world an expectation that immediately creates limitation, supposes conditions that need to be met and standards to be attained.
Our perception of the ego and our perception of perfection is very often intertwined – and can cause tremendous unhappiness if we are not careful. The ego is a beautiful thing – if it is seen as ‘everything good is owned’.  If we can own all that is good about us, even that which we do not like, we will be so much more likely to accept accountability for our lives and our own happiness, for we will then truly become conscious co-creators of that happiness. We will have so much more time available to ourselves, time previously spent complaining about and lamenting all our faults – shortcomings that we believe we have rather than accepting that we are perfect, exactly as we are in the moment, and that our reality will change the moment we change our beliefs.
As long as we buy into the concept of ‘everything good is outside’, we are in service of the ego, rather than the other way around. Then our ego gets the better of us and we seek perfection around us. When this happens, we find ourselves flawed and, in the search of perfection, the vicious circle of loss, imperfection and failure is created.
The concept of living in the moment is not one that I am always comfortable with. There are many things that I appreciate about the past – and I do not believe we should give it too much power, but I do believe we should find our power in the lessons of the past – and if we were to see everything and everyone as perfect beings, we will know that it or they brought powerful lessons that would be perfect catalysts for change if we acknowledge and allow it to be. In that sense, we should allow the view in the rear mirror to be small and fading – for the moment we recognize the lessons in any given situation or person, we can let the pain and restriction go.

Viewing the future through the front window gives us scope, it gives us potential – but we bring definition to it by projecting our thoughts, expectations and feelings onto it. If we project our thoughts and expectations onto the landscape of our future, we may create a 3 bedroom house with a lock-up garage in a ‘nice’ suburb. If we project our feelings of happiness, contentment, fulfilment and joy into the landscape, we may find we are brought the miracle of a beautiful house, a swimming pool, a work or hobby room, extra accommodation or even a suburb closer and more convenient to the schools – things we never dreamt we could have. We may project , with our thoughts, a job into the scene where we are earning a good salary as a clerk in a company that does hospitality, but, if we project our feelings of being happy, challenged and fulfilled in our position into the field of possibilities, we may get the position as the clerk, only to be given more and more responsibilities and to find ourselves in a function co-ordinators assistant position within a matter of months, not only earning what we hoped for, but finding a lot more than we could ever have anticipated.
Everywhere around us, the world unfolds in perfect order. If you think of the chaos often depicted in scenes of airports or train stations, one could never imagine any order to the swirling masses – yet every person has a very clear destiny, a clear vision of where they are going and a time-table within which this will be mastered. No matter what the chaos, there is always underlying order which will, ultimately spill over into our lives and give some form of structure to our being, perfect or imperfect.
A tsunami does not happen of its own free will. Whenever the inherent perfection of creation is disturbed, movements will take place deep down, in the core of the Earth, to re-establish the perfect state that existed before. Where forests have been destroyed, the buffer against the forces of nature is compromised and people will perish. The same goes for us.
When we pick, woodpeckers personified, at our perfection, we disturb the delicate balance of who we are, who we are meant to be and who we have become. We project our disillusionment onto others, whether they are lovers, children, friends, or foes and we destroy the natural defences that these relationships would normally offer us – creating a tsunami of emotions, rejections, fear, guilt, judgement and dismay that will, almost certainly, destroy us, whether it is as a result of stress or that which we use to numb the stress and fear.
Perfection lies in the moment – in the stillness that speaks to our soul, that calls forth the strength, the magnificence, the certainty of who we are at core. In perfect quiet we feel our fear, we  feel our vulnerability and we feel love – we are able to feel our one-ness.
True perfection happens in the moments when we are of one piece – not needing to be, to perform, to do – simply being, without desires or woodpeckers – moments of divine silence that allow us to touch our real silence and heal ourselves to perfection.
In this month it is my prayer that we will all find the courage to recognize our perfection in moments of silence and the courage to seek the stillness within.

Are we sharing and thriving? or are we struggling and failing?

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DSCN0742Are we sharing and thriving? Or are we struggling and failing?

We could ask ourselves some difficult questions and if the answer comes from our heart space we might get the truth of our feelings on how we see ourselves in our world.

  1. Should we view the world as a communal play ground where sharing is thriving?
  2. Should we relate to each other in a different way besides the competitive way that is prevalent now in the Western world?
  3. Should we be supportive of each other to grow together?

We do need to perceive our world radically differently from the current view of ‘winner takes all’. The world of struggle and domination being the frequency of choice when dealing with our fellow man is not working for us. We have been trained to see ourselves as individuals and separate from the whole community and have forgotten how to use our subtle feeling of perception from the heart,  of fairness and of altruism.

“Altruism is the natural extension of what happens when you move out of your small sense of self and your individuality into the space between.” Lynn McTaggart.

*The Moken tribe, a small nomadic community of fisherman off the coast of Thailand, also known as Sea Gypsies, still has this connection to everything in the Field. Their connection to the Earth environmental vibes is what allowed them to escape the ravages of the tsunami of 2004 in the east. They noted the changes in the water level, felt the restlessness of the small mammals and someone said that ‘this tribe can even smell the wind’. They are still deeply connected to the pulse of the earth, to the Universe. Further studies have shown that they have adapted their eyes to focus on items under the sea and they can distinguish between small rocks or food source by restricting their pupils as this improve their depth of perception under water. They see things differently, fishing is their livelihood. They are able to see in the space in between the Spaces. They have a wonderful sense of bonding and act as one and for everyone in their community. On the converse, we from the ‘civilised world’, see the world from our perspective, influenced by our cultures and norms from childhood. It is a conditioning that has been perpetuated mostly in the western world and we see the universe how it relates to us and this governs what we actually ‘see’. We often don’t get the full picture as we miss the subtle info given to us; it gets filtered thru our perception as insignificant. If only we can get to that place of understanding our impact on others, what we do, think, and say affect all in the Field. We are a stich in the weave of life. If we are willing, we can change by learning to see the whole, to see our role in this tapestry of life, the connection to each other for the benefit of the whole.

Our very analytical Neocortex does not allow us to see the whole information; we tend to want to give an explanation to everything we see whilst there are no words to describe intuitive seeing and feelings. So these intuitive feelings or deep inner knowing gets ignored and fade in the background as ‘energy noise’ in a radio broadcast. The more we do this the more the nervous system pathway becomes hard wired to ignore the periphery and focus on the objective world. This is contrary to nature’s law. For us to function with all facilities optimally active, we need to be connected to the Field that energizes the Universe.

Using the helicopter method of viewing a situation from a vantage point allows us greater scope of noticing the different cultures around us, without judgement and comparison. It will change a mind-set that says ‘my way is the only way’. Other ways of seeing things are crucial to increase the richness of the tapestry of life and ‘admit all’ to the glue that bonds us together. Becoming aware that we are part and parcel of this glue that holds the Universe in place, see the divinity in all that surrounds us and the value we all bring to the whole, will elevate our understanding of our role in it.

*Info from The Bond by Lynn McTaggart

The innate need to Bond: Entrainment of Energy

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marks 2The innate need to Bond: Entrainment of Energy.

We have, as a species, an innate need to bond, to seek accord with other members of our tribe: humanity. It is a primitive need that drives a lot of things that we do, so when we agree with each other on whatever level there seem to be a sense of peace and harmony. This could be why some of us profoundly avoid confrontation as it alienates us from others. When we do, it often feels like we are temporarily cut off from the Bond that glues us together.

It is interesting to watch an interaction within a group or between 2 individuals. They tend to mimic each other from their facial expression, body language to level of voice pitch. It is almost as if it is a requirement for the ease of communication to take place. The participants in the interaction subtly change their body sensory patterns to be able to receive the information on several levels: the auditory, energetic and visual. Could this explain the entrainment principle?

“The listeners ability to body-map a speaker is inborn: twenty minutes after birth, new-borns possess the ability of an adult to track the sound of speech”(American Journal of Epidemiology 117(1983)

There is an invisible connection taking place between two people when they are deep in conversation. The energy field of both individuals’ meshes in synchrony as if it is coming from one central point. Often one will finish the other’s sentence with absolute clarity and precision. They have connected at a level where their brain structures drives the process. The Nervous system mediates this ability to synchronise.

We mirror each other so well.  When we found ourselves laughing just because someone in your space is doing so, without knowing why, we say that this is a contagious laugh; similarly yawning is so contagious, it only takes a few seconds to activate that function and frankly it is difficult to resist it. We need each other to feel whole, to resonate to an internal beat that says that we are OK. This need, to copy each other in all behaviours so that we feel accepted, is more than just a mental concept. (An extreme form of punishment is isolation in prison- it severs the individual from humanity)

Now, this is also felt in organisations; our place of work, when a colleague is stressed and in a foul mood it affects the tone of communication within the organisation. Sigal Barsade (doctoral degree in the behaviour of organisations and now a professor at the U of Pennsylvania) did an experiment where she managed to demonstrate clearly that ‘emotions are like viruses, not only transferring from person to person in an endless and unconscious circle of contagion, but also profoundly affecting the outcome of business encounters and negotiations”.  Business could be more successful with a good measure of ‘feel good’ vibes which uplifts the employees and creates a virtuous circle. (The Bond  by Lynn McTaggart.)

As we are a community of cells making up an individual that we identify as ‘me’ within a sea of other individuals forming this cohesive bond of humanity; we need to meet socially, to feel connected, to meld with others, to be reminded that we are part of this cohesive bond. And whether we like it or not we are constantly attuned to the emotions of others around us and its effects on our environment in ways that are so subtle but directly affect our well- being and physicality.

“Social stress has been shown to affect the functioning of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, one the body’s ability to fight off disease. The psychologist David Spiegel and his colleagues have found a link between marital discord and negative effects on the cortisol rhythms of the body , which are now considered a risk factor for early cancer mortality” 

extract from The Bond: Lynn McTaggart.

The nature of reality is that our energy field respond to the electromagnetic signals that are picked up by the nervous system who decodes this info into our physiology via a pharmacopeia of chemical reactions that we are not consciously aware of most of the time.  Good or bad vibes from our surroundings affects us all on all levels.

Is it in our interest to ensure the well-being of those around us? It appears that yes,  it is so.

No man is an island.