Your are awesome! Do you know that!!! you better believe it.

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blue___black_butterfly6“Your consciousness is who you are, your experience of Being.”

“You Are a Being of Energy

Your consciousness, your experience of Being, who you really are, is energy. We can call it “Life Energy” for now. This energy does not just live in your brain; it fills your entire body. Your consciousness is connected to every cell in your body. Through your consciousness, you can communicate with every organ and every tissue, and a number of therapies are based on this communication with the organs which have been affected by some kind of symptom or disorder.

This energy which is your consciousness, and which reflects your state of consciousness, can be measured through the process known as Kirlian photography. When you take a Kirlian photograph of your hand, it shows a certain pattern of energy. If you take a second photograph while imagining that you are sending love and energy to someone you know, there will be a different pattern of energy shown on the Kirlian photograph. Thus, we can see that a change in your consciousness creates a change in the energy field that is being photographed, which we call the aura.

This energy field shown in the Kirlian photographs has been quantified, so that when there are “holes” in particular parts of the energy field, these are said to correspond to particular weaknesses in specific parts of the physical body. The interesting thing about this is that the weakness shows up in the energy field before there is ever any evidence of it on the physical level.

Thus, we have an interesting direction of manifestation shown through what we have described.

1. A change of consciousness creates a change in the energy field.

2. A change in the energy field happens before a change in the physical body.

The direction of manifestation is from the consciousness, through the energy field, to the physical body.

Consciousness——1——>–>Energy Field——2——>->Physical Body

When we look at things in this way, we see that it is not the physical body creating the energy field, the aura, but rather the aura or energy field that is creating the physical body. What we see as the physical body is the end result of a process that begins with the consciousness.”

Extract from an article by Martin Brofman, PhD : Your Body Is A Mirror Of Your Life.

You can see the whole article at

An awesome realisation that our Consciousness, our energy, in-forms our body how to BE ……..and as we change our mind, shift our point of view on any previously rigid belief system that we have held dear, we are actually changing our consciousness and thus our physicality. By releasing the beliefs that keep us in aches and pains we can experience a life that is more congruent with the life that we were meant to live.

What are you choosing now to experience?

What is keeping you from living the life that you were meant to live?

When will you be ready to acknowledge that what is holding you back is in the subconscious level of your mind that you are unaware of and therefore  will continue to ‘pop’up and challenge you?

It is always up to you………….

Take the initiative to experience an energy session, a  Bodytalk session and allow the unknown  to be made known to your conscious mind  and start the process of dismantling the blocks , the erroneous beliefs that you have accepted about yourself to be true.

You are Awesome. Do you know that!!! You better believe it…..


The Power is in the details.

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Fabulous information from a colleague about the Sub Conscious mind: Our autopilot for health and healing.
What details might you be missing in your own story? Are there dark hallways that you have been avoiding? Believe me the journey is well worth it. A whole new world awaits!


Healing Through Story
The Power is in the Details
by Tracey Clark
AdvCBP, AdvCBI, ParBP, BAT, D.O. (MP)
I remember my early days as a BodyTalk student and practitioner with such clarity, bounding out of BodyTalk Fundamentals eager to balance the world one tap at a time. My exuberant enthusiasm took me into each session but collapsed unceremoniously as soon as I would meet the dreaded combination of “Details? Yes, More Specific? Yes”. Yikes! Wasn’t it enough of a challenge to figure out where Innate wanted to go, how to get there, and what to ask without having to traipse down the dark hallway of details?My anxiety would start to climb, as I would reach for the anatomy book or the physiology text wondering why it wasn’t sufficient enough to simply link the entire liver to the entire spleen. Surely, the brain would know what the priority was and take care of it for me. My Innate consciousness seemed bound and bent to coax me down the rabbit hole leading me all the way down to the cellular level when I felt it was easier to just look at the big picture. Little by little my enthusiasm trickled its way down that dark hallway and into the rabbit hole with me and, lo and behold, the awe-inspiring complexities of the human bodymind opened up to me in all of its glory. I began to understand that the profound effectiveness behind the simplicity of the BodyTalk system comes from its respect and honouring of the unique story of each individual bodymind and the story is told through the Details! From that point on, my fear of the details became a yearning to develop my skills as an observer, a detective, a translator, and a storyteller.

Why is the story (Details) so important? To understand that is to look a little closer at the sub-conscious mind and what it does with all of those details that we so painstakingly search for. Your sub-conscious mind is your autopilot for health and healing. If health is our ultimate goal, it is important to know how the sub-conscious mind works and to have it on our team. I came across a wonderful, although anonymous, quote that states, “it is important to know all of the laws in order to break them effectively”. In other words, if we want to support the subconscious mind in its constant search for balance, it is important to learn what it needs and where it can get stuck.
The subconscious mind is a storehouse for all experiences, beliefs, memories, and knowledge that is not currently in the conscious awareness. It is the master interpreter of incoming information based on the library of past experience that it holds and operates from. It works like a sophisticated computer in that the greater the input, the greater the output. The precision of the input (Details) determines the specific efficacy of the output. Your brain is the consummate multi-tasker. It is receiving and processing millions of pieces of information every second. Details help to focus and direct attention in the midst of an onslaught of information and possibility. It is the details of any story that make it unique and memorable and it is the details that allow for specific observation and change.
How does your subconscious mind receive and respond to information? Think of the brain as a radio receiver with millions of tiny antennas attuned to the world around it via the sense organs. It is through our five senses that we experience and interpret our world. Each word, each touch, each smell, each observation represents a vibration in the same way that the frequency of a radio wave can be manifested into a symphony of sound or image on a television screen or document through a fax machine. The frequency of vibration is a representation of something that can become manifest, in the case of the subconscious mind, through physiology. We have all experienced the power of a scent in drawing memory from the subconscious storehouse to the conscious mind evoking emotion or a physiological response as we recall the experience associated with the smell.  Similarly, I am sure that we have all had the experience of the “A Ha” moment when just the right word acts like a tuning fork shifting our frequency to allow for an insight that had been escaping us.
The subconscious mind has a tendency to stick with a mode of operation or particular method of interpretation until replaced by a new one. That is where the BodyTalk practitioner and his/her skills of observation come in. A BodyTalk session is a dance between two minds communicating at a subconscious level. A Body Talk practitioner acts as a tour guide pointing out the highlights and areas of significance along the journey toward health. If a shift in perspective, and therefore, health, requires an observer/observation in order to manifest, it is the BodyTalk practitioner and his/her ability to reveal the story that is the catalyst to change. Every brave trip down the rabbit hole attunes the subconscious mind to an even more specific frequency of attention and possibility of change. Little did I realize in my early days of practice, that observing, writing or, if I was confident enough, pronouncing the latin name for some seemingly obscure anatomical structure was evoking a frequency that the subconscious mind was tuning into. I didn’t realize then that my ability to reveal the right word or emotion or active memory was directing the subconscious mind to break down an old barrier by revealing its nature. I quickly realized that it was my powers of observation through my own five senses that were my tools as a practitioner and that the more open I was to receiving information in the form of details the greater impact the session had.
So many of us go through life with a complete lack of body mind awareness. We stuff things in dark corners and filter our senses to a level of experience that feels safe. No wonder we often overlook the obvious or get stuck in a routine that no longer serves us. We simply can’t see any other possibilities. Your body has the ability to self-heal and self-regulate but is simply operating on the instructions that consciousness provides. When we shine light on the whole story we have the ability to shift a worn out perspective and direct the subconscious mind to break down barriers that are no longer needed and operate from a whole new level of health. I know of no other system of healthcare that takes the time to hear the whole story addressing the whole person as opposed to the symptom or disease.

What details might you be missing in your own story? Are there dark hallways that you have been avoiding? Believe me the journey is well worth it. A whole new world awaits!

Tracey Clark AdvCBP, AdvCBI, ParBP, BAT, D.O. (MP)

In ‘No Time’ zone….

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In ‘No Time’ zone….

pond_lillies“The key to many forms of healing is the ability of the practitioner to place his consciousness outside of normal physical reality. Usually they explain that they go into a region of ‘no time’ where they are not attached to results. These description are consistent with the SUM  model when  one places his consciousness in a higher dimension where it is not synchronized with a single physical plane but encompasses many planes at once. In such a state all of the many physical possibilities become available enabling the healer to switch to another one. Such an idea challenges the materialistic world but it is not such a stretch for Quantum Physics.( SUM  Synchronised Universe Model.)

We exist in all planes simultaneously, but lack awareness of them because our consciousness is not synchronized with them.

Present reality for us corresponds to the physical plane we are tuned into or synchronized with. We are phased-locked to a particular plane of reality of our choice.  Expressions as “you choose your reality” are no longer metaphors.

Of all the energy flowing through space from the distant matter, the only energy we perceive is that which is ‘in-phase’ with our own. This means that we actually perceive only a fraction of the energy present in space. If we are not synchronized with it, we do not perceive it. It is invisible to us.”

Extract from the book of  Dr Claude Swanson. Physicist.  Lifeforce: The Scientific Basis.


This possibly explain why we sometimes ‘don’t get through’ to some people when we are trying to communicate a concept or system like Bodytalk, Matrix Energetics and other healing system. The people we are trying to ‘ reach’ are simply phase locked into a different wave length that does not match our reality. And sometimes, at a later stage of their journey they will suddenly get it as they have moved on to access a different  plane of reality, one that matches ours. This is not pretentious, it happens that one’s consciousness is focused on consensus reality and all it need is  a ha ha moment in their lives and they shift to a different viewpoint.

Like John Lennon said: “A dream you dream alone is just a dream, a dream we dream together is reality”. Our reality is a Consensus reality, an illusion that we have made real by con census and this bounds us into a dimensional vibration that stops us from experiencing other realities or  dimensions that are here. We are multidimensional and we can experience other planes of existence. The Synchronised Universe Model tells us we can.

(Like a CD with many tracks, will only play one track on the CD player as the remote has only pointed to one track but the other tracks are still present .)

So Choose your reality.


Have you looked into your Vault lately?

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cellphone pics 025There are some things that can’t be explained rationally.

We say that we ‘believe’ something to be true and act contradictory to it.

It is almost as if our decisions comes from a locked Vault that function independently of our rational mind.

Have you surprised yourself in acting totally out of character with your value system? Most of us are ignorant of the things/thoughts that affect what we do and would be at pains to explain ourselves in certain circumstances if asked to do so.

  • Is it because we do not have the language to express the subtle feelings that percolate to the surface of our reality and direct our choices and actions?
  • Or is it because we have more than one mind?

Evidence seems to point to the subjective/subconscious mind which has access to the whole picture, receiving and decoding subliminal clues from our environment, our world ( the unconscious cognition) and in some cases have saved our lives in most unusual circumstances.


So when some can’t explain their actions we tend to dismiss them and discount the information that they are trying to put across as fantasy. We could recognize that more often than not there is no verbal expression that is going to translate the subtle feelings that was received from the environment: feeling/intuition that is in our all-knowing unconscious mind that directs most of our actions.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

We don’t deliberately choose our attitude on a conscious level, we may not even be aware of our programs in that ‘Vault’ (subconscious mind) which takes into account all our experiences, prejudices, inherited belief systems and crunch it all up and then pushes our buttons.

So, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Energy medicine, most of the time, has the answer to our unexplained reactions and therapies like The Bodytalk System can unearth some of our programs from the subconscious by bringing it in the open, to our conscious attention, so that we can deal with it with Awareness. Awareness is Key ! The subliminal messages sent to the bodymind can then be challenged when recognized and acknowledged.

If you always react in a certain way, that is detrimental to your relationships, your life, you might want to experience the Bodytalk System. The Language of Health. I have seen and felt the immense benefit that it has brought into my life and am truly grateful.

I am a certified Bodytalk practitioner at Parama level and often see amazing healing on the therapy bed.

As always, it is a matter of choice.

Inner Peace

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Inner Peace

 Some thoughts for this year..

 As you enter 2013 are you willing to walk through the internal rooms of your life and see the clutter, see  the clutter of thoughts that crowds your thinking, see what has to change and what you need to ‘let go’.

Difficult? Uncomfortable?  hmmm, it appears to be essential to “ let go” and make room if we want to allow more of ourselves, our Consciousness, to enter our space and as long as we are hanging on to our ‘stuff’ we can’t receive what is coming forth.  It is our potential that is waiting to come into our lives, our greatness. Ah…space!


Space – that which embraces and interpenetrates all things, which births form, energy,  information out of apparent formlessness, nothingness. We can access this space with some quiet meditative moments that will bring stillness of the mind, allowing grace to permeate our being and that to me feels like freedom, feels like internal peace. From space, to space and between the spaces, this nothingness of bliss rearranges our frequency, upgrades our ability to function at the dimension of Allowance . Allowing ourselves to see other possibilities, other realities!


Extract from Eckart Tolle: The Discovery of Inner Peace (The New Earth)


“ when we are no longer totally identified with forms, consciousness- who you are- becomes freed for the imprisonment of form. This freedom is the arising of inner space; It comes as a stillness, a subtle peace deep with you, even in the face of something seemingly bad. This, too, will pass allows space around the event. There is also space around the emotional highs and lows, even around pain. And above all there is space between your thoughts. And from that space emanates a peace that is not of this world, because this world is form, and the peace is space. This is the peace of God”

 So as I write my story in the year book of 2013 I would like it to have a theme of detachment. This, too, will pass as my motto…everything is transient in life.  I would like to enjoy the moment without losing myself in it, like the midday sun is there for a fleeting moment only, and a minute later is no longer at the zenith in the sky. So the stuff of our lives should move through us and not stick to us. Should I stay detached I will be able to see it from an  “helicopter” view point, this vantage point of the events unfolding in my life and stay out of judgments because ‘this, too, will pass’.  And as E Tolle says it: detachment brings in another dimension in our lives. And through detachment, comes non-judgement, non-resistance and importantly comes allowance.

The dimension of Allowance. Allow more of me, the Conscious Me to reside in me. So being conscious of this ‘non attachment’ going into 2013, with less bagage……..worth thinking about.



BARS Access Conciousness. Testimonial from Brigitte P.

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“Dear Chris

I wanted to give you some feedback after a period of time to see whether the changes I initially experienced with BARS have stayed with me. Often I feel a change after a healing session and ‘life’ gets me down (I know, it’s me doing it) and I fall again……well this time there has been a remarkable difference!

After the BARS session and for a few days thereafter, I felt lighter with no negative thoughts at all. I figured I wouldn’t have much to say in my journal however I wrote 3 to 4 pages of deep gratitude and love. I feel joy and love, and feel happy for the first time in as long as I can remember. I feel as though my heart has now opened  (this is a BIGGIE for me)………. The biggest change has been my level of awareness  I have a deep sense of peace, and calm, and wonder, that I previously had in fleeting moments only……

I have also been inspired to DO things, such as exercise (yay!), getting out, connecting with family and friends………….really connecting! Not just going through the motions……

I still have negative thoughts coming in (not as intense, quieter) and the best part is that I notice them in the moment and release them or change it to a positive. The negative thoughts are not having the same depressing, downward spiral impact as before. I am amazed as I observe myself and am so aware of feelings and my behaviour in the moment! I do have some times where I’m tired and yet I don’t go downhill as before. I observe, breathe and nurture myself and before long I’m feeling ok again.

All I can say is THANK YOU CHRIS  for introducing me to BARS. This is by far the biggest shift I have ever had (or that I’m aware of).


If you would like to experience a BARS session contact me or go to the website

for a practitioner near you.

A Return to the Heart as the Source of Individuation of the Angelica Wagner.

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A Return to the Heart as the Source of Individuation of the Soul.


“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart? “Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Quantum physics expounds the theory that particles that make up matter do not really exist in static form; they are constantly appearing out of energy potentials that can be estimated statistically. What determines the appearance of matter and continuity is the information field that connects all information in the universe. So all there is in the entire universe is Consciousness.

In eastern philosophy Avaita literally means, “Not two. “ That is why when we say in medicine, “What is your diagnosis?” we are already fractured, because we are coming to” dia or two”. As soon as you perceive “other”, your perception is incorrect and manufactured by the brain. In reality all things are one. Although mostly this is not our life experience. There is “no self and God, only Self or to put it another way, only God.” (Mod 3 pg.70 Veltheim/Pilpovich).


At the core of these perspectives is the teaching that all of creation or manifestation is connected, and that we are not inseparable from it. It is the light of your consciousness that shines out from every one’s eyes. It is this tension between instinct and intellect that give us a split mind and creates a lack of consciousness. “

Carolyn Myss says, “The shadow aspects of our archetypes are fed by our paradoxical relationship to power. We are as intimidated by being empowered as we are to being dis-empowered. The Shadow can be seen as unexplored power. We frequently don’t know why we do the things that we do, or even how to cope with inexplicable fears. This leads to the painful conflicts when we feel one way and yet act another, separating mind and heart. “

This imbalance of force fragments our power. When our nature is fragmented, it is vulnerable to being dominated by fear. “If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand.” (Mark 3:24). As long as your heart and mind lack a channel of pure communication, you will be confused about what to do with your life. And when you find that vocation or purpose, you will experience a kind of spiritual suffering until you act on that passion. That suffering is actually a form of divine motivation, urging you to pursue a more authentic life. Yet how many times do we ignore the call, or stuff it into our being creating disease, or kill off our creativity to conform?

The more you know the faster you need to respond to this truth, because now you have “spiritual accountability.” Once you become aware how toxic anger, guilt resentment and blame are to the body, the sooner you have to act on the information in your field. (Mark 4:11, 21-22)” For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out to the open.” So when we stuff our emotions, say everything is ok, when it is not, give away or deny our power, we tell our Shadow self to go back to the closet. This often means striking out on your own. As a child if you hear “NO” often enough, you will build barriers to the world in your brain. This birthing of your own power requires that you take care of yourself first, even though to the outside world this looks selfish.”

Occasionally a person becomes fully conscious of the connection that is all there is in the heart center. This state is referred to as enlightenment, because the body mind is then filled with the clear light of Consciousness and not dimmed by any masks. For many years I collected masks from Africa and other countries for this very reason, to see how many times I denied my own truth, and chose to kill my spirit by wearing a mask, so I could make someone belief of reality right about MY life.

When rigid belief systems about separation lead to deep feelings of inadequacy and pain that can never let down our guard or us. We are constantly cowering from our own power. As this belief system is unlocked and defragged, we restore our innate sense of connection to the world through our heart center. By contrast, the individuation process in the heart is guided by a felt connection to Consciousness. The individuation process in the heart is the inspiration that drives the mental process of inquiry. This painful suffering is good for you, should you choose to heed it. Do you ask yourself,”‘ How am I not being God in my own life? How am I not showing up in my own life? How am I not expressing the truth of my own reality ” Choose your heart or die.

Some examples of a divided heart are found in “morning after stories.” We can choose any inappropriate behaviors such as having sex in a one night stand, eating a whole pizza out of frustration or drinking a whole bottle of something empty to cover up our empty life. We, then face, “the empty box in the morning syndrome”, instead of looking at the “empty life” or “the empty glass,” or “the empty house”, “the empty bottle of pills” , ‘ the empty toke of a joint”, wondering why we sold out our integrity and vision of true independence.

Why did we choose to grasp for sawdust instead of nutrition in the nourishment of our souls or why did we choose to poison our precious brain cells with booze or kill our adrenals with drugs? Why did we choose the 5th house of individuation instead of the 10th house?

What leaves you empty? Why? Emptiness occurs when there is no connection to the intimacy found in relationship to another like- minded soul, no life purpose fulfillment, no acceptance of the full responsibility for the management of your own spirit and the consequences of your own choices. The soul knows this and then it haunts us with the knowledge, until we choose CHANGE or choose disease.


As we age, we can no longer act like teenagers in our sexual lives, financial lives or in our digestive lives, because out bodies will let us know, “You are not being responsible”. External difficulties are always vehicles for us to work on our own internal challenges. Do we ask “why?”

Releasing both blame and guilt produces a relaxed mind. Releasing credit produces humility and deeper real relationships with others. Releasing all negative emotions, the truly creative person can work inside the zone, effortlessly producing many amazing things by staying in the question, “How does it get better than this?”

So as we seek the formal cause as the issue, the formal cause of something which defines what we are talking about, we deny our questions. We deny the “connecting principle of synchronicity which results from the ingression into actuality the thoughts and conditions we think about most bringing our lives into causality. ‘ (Tarnas).

Thus, Tarnas’ insights on the disenchantment of this world were essentially constituted in the gradual repression of formal causation. When this formal causation reemerges as a “re-enchantment of the world, “synchronicity occurs. The occurrence of synchronizations is seen as a continuing dialogue with the Unconscious and with the whole of life, and finally with the Divine. We become in love with life, in love with our potential, in love with our synchronizations. Why? We are in love with God who is truly and fully present in our lives in a real and concrete way. Doors open miraculously, opportunities come. The acausal effort of a linear life disappears.

Sometimes our resentment of another person has nothing to do with either money or power, but it has everything to do with how they manage their own potential. When you learn to call on your own courage will and heart, you will evoke grace. That is the paradox, because it takes courage to invoke grace when you have none. So how do we call on courage? By calling on our subconscious mind to come to the rescue.

The inspirations come to us in the first plane of “Waking experience”, or lucid dream, the second plane of “dream experience” of the subtle forms of the inner world. In the second they are digested, assimilated to the inner forces of the dreamer, and then comes the third plane of deep sleep. In the third, all is enjoyed and known unconsciously in the “Space within the heart, “the room of the inner controller, the source and end of it all. “ (Pg. 227 Joseph Campbell, Hero of a Thousand Faces.”)


This imbalance of forces, fragments our power. When our nature is fragmented, it is vulnerable to being dominated by fear. “If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand.” (Mark 3:24). As long as your heart and mind lack a channel of pure communication, you will be confused about what to do with your life. And when you find that vocation or purpose, you will experience a kind of spiritual suffering until you act on that passion. That suffering is actually a form of divine motivation, urging you to pursue a more authentic life. Yet how many times do we ignore the call, or stuff it into our being (the closet) creating disease, or kill our creativity by creating death to the Self when we cut off a piece of the heart?


This imbalance that occurs as the intellectual mind grows in strength and the heart is ignored which leads to separation, anxiety, fear and inadequacy. Not measuring up to our husband’s or family’s expectations of us creates either the need to conform, the need to rebel, or the need to die. This accumulation of fear weakens the kidneys, the adrenals, the reproductive system, the digestive system, and the nervous system.


External difficulties are always vehicles for us to work on our own internal challenges. Do we ask “why?” Releasing both blame and guilt produces relaxation. Releasing credit produces humility. Releasing any of these negative emotions, the truly creative person can work in the zone, effortlessly producing many amazing things by staying in the question, “How does it get better than this?”


So as we see the formal cause as the issue, the formal cause of something defines what we are talking about, we deny the question. We deny the “connecting principle of synchronicity which results from the ingression into actuality the thoughts and conditions we think about most bringing our lives into causality. ‘ (Tarnas). When we deny the question, we deny God. That’s where miracles live.

As we chose to access this heart center, and focus our outward work from this plane touching those in the consciously unconscious, wealth is born. Stars are created, and sorrow leaves the field. The Divine lives in our heart center, in joy, grace, love and miracles. A Return to the Heart is therefore the key source of individuation of the Soul.



Campbell, Joseph, “Hero of a Thousand Face

Myss, Caroline, “Sacred Contracts

Jung, Hendrix, Hillman, ET all, “Meeting the Shadow”, The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Nature”

Williams, Bernard, “Plato”

John Veltheim/ Don Kami Pilipovich , “Module Three,” www.theBodytalkSystem


Angelica Wagner

What else is possible for you?

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What if All of life came to you with ease, joy and glory? What else is possible for you?

Living in the Question allows you to be open to all the probable possibilities that life has for you.

Living in the questions creates the possibility for you to have greater choice in life and the contribution that you are and can make in the world. Dr G Douglas. The Founder of Access Consciousness.

Asking the question is really questioning the beliefs, point of view that we have about certain situation in our lives. Beliefs about money, relationships, love etc which have been passed down to us from our parents and peers, and that we have taken on board (on our PC motherboard, our hard drive). These programs will faithfully work to keep us in a vibrational state that set our limits and boundaries of what is possible ie it has been concretized in our energy field. So the choices we have made in the past have solidified in the material world,  keep attracting the same experiences and thus re-affirm our lives.

My take on this looking from a Q/ Physics perspective of a ‘point of view’ or ‘belief” is that when we were making a judgement call about a situation we collapsed the potential wave of possibilities from the Zero Point Field into matter and formed a point of view about that ‘something’ in our lives and from then on life ‘showed up’ exactly how we  had stated it would be.

And when we ask a Question, like: What else is possible here? Not allowing the left brain to give us a narrow answer,  we can de-cohere the energetic aspect of that belief and allow it to become a fluid wave state again and transform to whatever is possible for us. It changes how we ‘show up’ in our world.

BARS can do that for you, allow your inherited beliefs stuck in your electromagnetic field to dissipate  and transform itself and make room for you to receive more of You.

So if you wish to experience an Access Consciousness BARS session, either contact me or see on the website for a facilitator..

Are you ready to receive and be more of who you are?

You are the only one to answer this question.



“Fear and Joy are the same thing, the very same energy flowing through different filters”.

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Our daily social dramas!  Are they there to irritate us or do they act as a place holder in our space for us to deal with the real issues underlying the story line?  The emotional turmoil that they generate..

“Emotions are an Immaculate Navigational System” F E Dodson.

Our interactions with friends and family are fraught with misunderstandings as they are interpreted through different filters of reality than our own.

What if the emotions that are stirred up do not rest well with you? It could be telling you that your thought pattern, world view or belief system has been challenged.

The “story” is just the vehicle that conveys the feelings, that brings about an opportunity for change.  Your navigational system has given you a heads up into what pushes your buttons.  Welcome it as a change agent: A change in the way you react and stop the  draining of your personal energy.

So, what if you could drop the story and look at the real issue behind it. What is that pushed button stirring up in you? Look deep inside as it is always an inside job, no one can make you feel anything. Very often it is our fragile personal sense of self that is being questioned.

When you drop the story you release the energy surrounding the drama (i.e no name calling, no retaliation, no he said/ she said) it becomes easier to transmute the frequency to one that is neutral. The benefit for you is huge! (and the other party as they don’t have to keep fueling the fires of the story.)Your whole energy field is detached from the drama. No entanglement with the dramatic event and you take your energy back. Energy is neutral, the same energy that flows through your body and sustains you in every way.  You regain your vitality.

“Fear and Joy are the same thing, the very same energy flowing through different filters. Therefore you are not trying to get rid of energy.(denying the emotion) Suppressing the energy is suppressing your own true life force. Suppression and resistance will make you tired and exhausted. You want the feeling to be an indicator, to lead the way to the thought or action that is inappropriate. If you suppress the feeling, not only will you suppress joy, you will not uncover the thought producing it” F E Dodson.


Actors in the theatre of life: The masks we wear.

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Actors in the theatre of life: The masks we wear.

In fact the personality, our personality that we strongly identify with, is a collection of masks that ‘helps’ us do life. And in the playground of life we play these roles that  keep affirming ‘us’, the person we think we are.

Since our thoughts are things and our brain does not make a difference between reality and perceived reality: Pretend!

We can think and see ourselves as being ‘content’ or ‘peaceful’ and the patterns of our lives will change to match the different vibration that we have introduced in our selves ie change the mask and  the circumstances magically changes.

We can call it renaming the role, like in a play, changing the role will change how the patrons see you and will respond to you differently.

Life is a stage as Shakespeare rightly said and so choose your role well, shift to a place/reality/world view where you soar, drop the world view of limitation and scarcity. It wasn’t meant to be like this, we bought into the group consciousness of   limitation and powerlessness in all sphere of life.

The time  for change is Now. The Universe is responding to our thoughts and our DNA is listening to our thoughts!.