Choice: Do we really have free will?

Choice: Some points to ponder when we choose.

Every choice we make takes in consideration absolutely everything we personally know and feel and our preferences. But it does not stop at those three personal experiences, the choice process uses other sources which operate at a subconscious level: The characteristics of our ancestry and culture. Both these sources are very large systems that organize the elements within them through various forces that operate system wide.

We are members of these two large systems as well as the more specific sub-systems of religion, ethnicity social class, race, gender and occupation. We have tacitly accepted some or all of the models they promote and they get their strength from our participation in the system and as we do so, we constantly enforce their power on us.

These complex web of influences in our lives subconsciously direct our choice pattern. Therefore if we have a better understanding of how we are influenced by these factors that affect our decisions, we then have the freedom to choose our role in the matrix and improve/change the programs that have guided our decisions. This shift in paradigm raises our vibration.

With this awareness now in our conscious mind, knowledge of how we are programmed to react, comes responsibility. The responsibility to opt out of certain characteristics as it affects the matrix that feeds our psyche. This will affect our next generation going forward and will enable them to make different type of choices. Thus having raised our consciousness level choices will be based on what is more congruent with the needs and betterment of our world.

“What you are is the confluence of countless chains of events that stretch back to the dawn of time. Every decision you make depends on everything you have ever learned and experienced, coming together in your head for the first and only time in the history of the universe. The decision you make is implicit in those influences, but they have never all intersected before. Thus your decision is a unique creative act.”

Scientific American: How your choice today affect the Universe at its origin By George Musser.

“You are the data transfer boundaries between the extreme large and extreme small. You gather information (from your senses) and transfer that within yourself, which has infinite boundary potential. You are transferring that information through your boundaries to the infinite of the Universe within yourself and as you start to see the importance of your observation, your interpretation of the ‘field’ and that you are feeding the Universe. Instead of seeing yourself as insignificant, a little dot that means nothing in the Universe, you start to see yourself as the center of creation. Everyone else is the center of their Universe and that we are all equal and all ONE.

Nassim Haramein: Physicist. Extract from his talk “Crossing The Event horizon”. A guide on an exhilarating odyssey thru humanity’s evolutionary path getting to our bodies’ cells that obey the condition of a black hole.

“To change is to think greater than what we have memorized on our bodies. When we change, we interrupt the chemical continuity we have become familiar with. The moment the body begins to move out of its chemical order, we feel what we call “discomfort.” Dr Joe Dispenza.

So how much free will do you think you have in your choice process? Some points to ponder!

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