Create a powerful positive attractor field for yourself.


Create a powerful positive attractor field for yourself.

Mind ‘skill’ to assist in the transformation of your own energy state, in other words mine your mind as if it is a garden because what you plant there will flourish.

“Transformation” literally means moving beyond form, as the reality we call our lives is changing, transforming, so rapidly within days, that most people are experiencing a downward spiral of emotions and it is draining their energy field.


Create a vibratory state, a coherency in your body-mind to counter balance this downward emotional trend. It will act as a type of emotional and mental upliftment that will keep you from being dragged down emotionally to a ‘dark’ place.


To do this, bring in the feelings of Appreciation and Gratitude. You can choose to do so as you choose everything else that you do. Do it several times a day until it has created a neural pathway in your mind which allows you’ to go there’ in a flash.


It might help to make a mental note to check in and see where your energy is flowing, your feelings will tell you where you are at, if you are anxious, fearful …then your energy is not flowing in a positive territory and you are tapping in a vibration that will bring more of the same to you (Universal Law) , so as you are driving this bus (bodymind)  select the gear that you want to be in, select an attitude of appreciation and gratitude. (  There is lots of guidance in a youtube from Esther Hicks:Abraham on how to get to the feelings of  appreciation and gratitude)


Tom Kenyon, Scientist and Sound Healer recommends this technique  of Appreciation and Gratitude on his website as we are approaching some very challenging times in all areas of our lives: economically, emotionally and planetary.


Appreciation and Gratitude

“We recommend that you enter this emotional state several times a day. Just a minute or two is all that is needed, but by entering into this vibratory state throughout the day, you train your brain/mind/body to enter into a coherent state at will.” Tom Kenyon, The Hathors material.


Tom Kenyon gives a further explanation on this essential technique, which he says is a life saver, to assist in this current timeline

“ According to the Hathors, when you reside in this state of body and mind, you create what they call a positive attractor.  It positively affects your mood, your thinking, and your behavior and, they would say, your vibrational energy-field as well. Tom Kenyon, The Hathors material.


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