Create generosity: Giving and Receiving

Create generosity: Giving and Receiving.

‘Giving and Receiving’ goes together like the proverbial horse and carriage. This is an inseparable pair; one cannot exist without the other.  Yet most cultures and societies are highly polarized to ‘giving’ as the highest expression of good and useful behavior to cultivate in our world. This polarization causes us to unconsciously, and often consciously move away from receiving and causes us to feel ‘guilty’ of enjoying the gifts coming our way. Some different terms are used to describe both parties:  generous, prosperous, well to do, fortunate for the givers and looser, someone on the take. And for generations it has been perceived that giving was better than receiving in most cultures. Even the words to describe the parties are polarized.

If we shift our perspective, if we just rotate the lens of our consciousness we can see the exchange that takes place a little differently. How about looking at this function as an Energetic transaction! Giving, opens a portal to allow the energetic flow of the gift to the receiver who can graciously accept the gift in whatever shape or form. Thus creating the vibrational signature of generosity, a pathway for the stream of consciousness to exist! The opening of these energetics channels are important as it creates a pattern, a blueprint for future transactions to flow.

The receiver has then allowed the giver to express the vibrational energy of generosity. Without this open channel the act of generosity cannot take place. Many times, we have heard of people complaining of never receiving anything in life and if one looks deeper into their circumstances, that person gives credence to the belief that being on the receiving end of a ‘gift’ is saying that ‘I must be a looser, I can’t  get it by myself, I have to get it as a handout.” And this belief system, among others, is what is stopping the flow of receiving coming his way.

How do you feel about giving and receiving? How comfortable are you with allowing one or the other to shape your actions? What buttons are pushed when the opportunity arises for you and you don’t step into the energy of generosity?

Revisit those emotions to see where the pendulum is stuck for you. Is it stuck in giving, giving and giving some more and not receiving? What do you really believe about receiving? See what is stopping your gifts to reach you and only giving will unbalance the flow of energy and will deplete you emotionally, physically and energetically.

For a truly generous heart to shine, both functions are necessary. Don’t deny or refuse someone’s gift however small it is, as it will surely cut the flow of generosity to you and the giver thus creating an imbalance for both parties.

Life dictates that you engage in both actions for the energy of Generosity to flow through itself and express itself unimpeded . This is like a dance, a flow between yin and yang and you are meant to be on both sides of the dance floor, sometimes one has to be the receiver to allow someone else the joy of giving and feeling the gratitude from you, the receiver.

Gratitude is a byproduct here and importantly, it is the door to abundance in our life.


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