Culture vs Society

Culture vs Society, how we are cultured to pay attention to negative info and why bad news sell.

Joseph Chilton Pearce, author and advocate of evolutionary child-rearing states in his book The Biology of Transcendence that play is important in one’s life and deplores the fact that as adults we make very little time to ‘play’ he ascribes this to cultural choice.

He differentiates Culture from Society, explaining that culture is a “body of Knowledge of learned survival strategies passed on to our young through teaching and modeling.” As such, it is driven by our reptilian hindbrain, geared toward reflexive, primary survival instincts hardwired for defense.

A society, on the other hand, includes what we often think of as ‘cultural’: the arts, civilized, refined behavior: and so on. He reflects on what he considers a misuse of ‘socialization’ in young children, particularly toddlers repeatedly told ‘NO!” when they are first exploring the world around them.” We experience deep conflict and internalize shame when hearing repeatedly negative commands from the person(s) we have come to trust implicitly”.

As a result of such enculturation through negative programming “all the news that‘s fit to print is generally negative news,” notes Pearce. Without a negative to induce our persistent focus, we won’t pay attention, whether it be in the form of news, television, politics, economics, ecology, health, education or religion.”

An extract of Cynthia Logan’s article on “Further Explorations of the Crack in the Cosmic Egg”.

Joseph C Pearce has written four books on child development which have been adopted by various college courses.

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