Everything in our lives is our Creation

Everything in our lives is our Creation

“Our minds are like time machines, able to sense the flow of possibility waves from both the past and the future. The freely associated mind is able to pass across the barriers, sensing the future and re-appraising the past”

Extract from Parallel Universe by Alan F Wolf. Ph.D

The Russian authors of the book “The Art of Soaring” says something similar. Suggest the following:

Go back to a past event that generated a lot of energy of hurt, thank the giver of the pain for an enlightening moment and re-write the script with a different outcome, a pleasurable one and your energy will soar as it will no longer  be ‘stuck’ in a painful memory : the vibrational frequency of the event would have been changed.

Life is magical!

Use the magical function of  your right brain,  unlimited by time and space to act multidimensional,  to reconstruct ‘moments in time’ that are affecting you NOW and will continue to do so until you decide to do something about it.

You are not a victim of circumstances; nothing is being done to you.

Everything in our lives is our creation and until we recognize this fact, the fact that we have cohered energy of hurt/created the incident, we won’t be able to de-cohere the charge or change the situation vibrationally and change our lives for the better.

No one can do it for us but ourselves.

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