“Fear and Joy are the same thing, the very same energy flowing through different filters”.

Our daily social dramas!  Are they there to irritate us or do they act as a place holder in our space for us to deal with the real issues underlying the story line?  The emotional turmoil that they generate..

“Emotions are an Immaculate Navigational System” F E Dodson.

Our interactions with friends and family are fraught with misunderstandings as they are interpreted through different filters of reality than our own.

What if the emotions that are stirred up do not rest well with you? It could be telling you that your thought pattern, world view or belief system has been challenged.

The “story” is just the vehicle that conveys the feelings, that brings about an opportunity for change.  Your navigational system has given you a heads up into what pushes your buttons.  Welcome it as a change agent: A change in the way you react and stop the  draining of your personal energy.

So, what if you could drop the story and look at the real issue behind it. What is that pushed button stirring up in you? Look deep inside as it is always an inside job, no one can make you feel anything. Very often it is our fragile personal sense of self that is being questioned.

When you drop the story you release the energy surrounding the drama (i.e no name calling, no retaliation, no he said/ she said) it becomes easier to transmute the frequency to one that is neutral. The benefit for you is huge! (and the other party as they don’t have to keep fueling the fires of the story.)Your whole energy field is detached from the drama. No entanglement with the dramatic event and you take your energy back. Energy is neutral, the same energy that flows through your body and sustains you in every way.  You regain your vitality.

“Fear and Joy are the same thing, the very same energy flowing through different filters. Therefore you are not trying to get rid of energy.(denying the emotion) Suppressing the energy is suppressing your own true life force. Suppression and resistance will make you tired and exhausted. You want the feeling to be an indicator, to lead the way to the thought or action that is inappropriate. If you suppress the feeling, not only will you suppress joy, you will not uncover the thought producing it” F E Dodson.


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