Have you looked into your Vault lately?

cellphone pics 025There are some things that can’t be explained rationally.

We say that we ‘believe’ something to be true and act contradictory to it.

It is almost as if our decisions comes from a locked Vault that function independently of our rational mind.

Have you surprised yourself in acting totally out of character with your value system? Most of us are ignorant of the things/thoughts that affect what we do and would be at pains to explain ourselves in certain circumstances if asked to do so.

  • Is it because we do not have the language to express the subtle feelings that percolate to the surface of our reality and direct our choices and actions?
  • Or is it because we have more than one mind?

Evidence seems to point to the subjective/subconscious mind which has access to the whole picture, receiving and decoding subliminal clues from our environment, our world ( the unconscious cognition) and in some cases have saved our lives in most unusual circumstances.


So when some can’t explain their actions we tend to dismiss them and discount the information that they are trying to put across as fantasy. We could recognize that more often than not there is no verbal expression that is going to translate the subtle feelings that was received from the environment: feeling/intuition that is in our all-knowing unconscious mind that directs most of our actions.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

We don’t deliberately choose our attitude on a conscious level, we may not even be aware of our programs in that ‘Vault’ (subconscious mind) which takes into account all our experiences, prejudices, inherited belief systems and crunch it all up and then pushes our buttons.

So, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Energy medicine, most of the time, has the answer to our unexplained reactions and therapies like The Bodytalk System can unearth some of our programs from the subconscious by bringing it in the open, to our conscious attention, so that we can deal with it with Awareness. Awareness is Key ! The subliminal messages sent to the bodymind can then be challenged when recognized and acknowledged.

If you always react in a certain way, that is detrimental to your relationships, your life, you might want to experience the Bodytalk System. The Language of Health. I have seen and felt the immense benefit that it has brought into my life and am truly grateful.

I am a certified Bodytalk practitioner at Parama level and often see amazing healing on the therapy bed.

As always, it is a matter of choice.

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