500Heaven….No living person has seen it and yet we all have preconceived ideas of what this place looks like and how desirable it is. We sacrifice so much to get there, one day, all on a promise of some far away god that we can only have residence there if we follow some strict rules of do’s and don’ts

There have been some people who have experienced a NDE and have tried to explain the bliss and joy of not having a physical body and floating in the nebulous glorious environment that they named Heaven. Heaven, the word that has held so many promises of wondrous beauty, unimaginable to our conscious knowledge, is the only appropriate word to describe their extraordinary experiences where they find themselves. Annie Kagan author of ‘The Afterlife of Billy Fingers’ has some pearl of wisdom communicated to her from her brother Billy. Billy was run over by a vehicle and died and his ongoing after-death communications with his sister details the wonder of life beyond death. It is a powerful, liberating and healing book. Healing , well, it takes away my “ hell or heaven”, “reward and punishment” that I  have been threatened by an authoritative ecclesiastic clergy since childhood.

Billy has only experiences benevolence, unconditional love and bliss after he left the planet and even called the car that ended his life: God’s delivery vehicle.  He experienced no Judgement and he himself has no judgement on the driver of the ‘delivery vehicle’ who ended his misery on earth!

He is quite philosophical when he watches his ‘hologram’ , the hologram of the earthly life of Billy Fingers :

 “When were alive there something inside us, a sort of cosmic computer chip, that records everything we go through. Right now I am watching my whole life from my birth to my death, I am looking here, looking there, fast forwarding , rewinding,  zooming in and out  I see the paths  I took,  and the ones I didn’t, I see where my genius was, and where I might have done better. I don’t feel moralistic or judgmental about any of it though .It all just seems interesting. What really great is that this hologram has a very special feature.  You know how you sometimes think to yourself, “what if’s” for example when I was alive I often wondered. What if I had married my first love or what if I had done well in school? Well, guess what, my hologram is expandable. I can live out the life those ‘what ifs’ would have brought me to  …..it is all fascinating and I have no regrets

After you die, when you watch your hologram, you get to see everything who loved you, who hated you, what they did for you, and what they did to you when your back was turned.”

He gives her several pearl of wisdom:

If people could see each other’s soul, the whole world might shut down. You can understand why seeing souls could be a problem on earth; It would become one big love-in.

And so importantly one recommendation:  If there is one thing worth doing on your planet it’s discovering self love.

And he prompts her to believe in herself: The world is your oyster; You are the pearl and the oyster.

And my favourite from Billy: His explanation of what ‘quantum’ is:

Make a quantum leap. What do I mean by that? Well, let me give you Billy’s version of quantum—quantum in a few steps. What is the shortest distance between 2 points? The quickest way to get from here to there? It is a straight line? Not really, because you are already in both places. People say you can’t be in both places at the same time, they are wrong. Where ever you want to go, you are already there. And where ever you don’t want to go, you are already there too. Quantum requires that you keep your focus on where you want to go.

What is a quantum leap? It means that a change in perspective is a powerful thing. It means that the way you see something can actually change that something. The experiment you are so fond of, Schrodinger’s cat, is about quantum. Basically, it postulates that how you observe ‘something’ changes that ‘something’.

Quantum usually applies to subatomic particles, not to people. Bur people are actually vast universes of subatomic particles, and sometimes a shift in perspective makes the particles do a different dance, leap into a new reality. That’s why I’m saying viewpoint is everything. Not everything but a Lot. 

This book is a little gem, it leaves one with a feeling of freedom and ease of knowing that when we take the final steps of this earthly journey, it will not be a time of ‘dreaded ending’ but a time of transition to another plane of existence.

(Recently a neurosurgeon  Dr Eben  Alexander, wrote Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife)



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