How do you view your world? Are you a drop in the ocean?

How do you view your world?

Are you a drop in the ocean, too small to make a difference…give it some thought as your thoughts have influence on your environment, they leave an imprint there.

“Our understanding of the complexities of our world occurs through the constant melding of the observer and the observer.” The Bond, Lynn McTaggart

We share a circuitry in our brain, that mirror what we observe. There does not seem to be a distinction between what we observe and are experiencing. It is as if it is ‘experienced’ by ourselves.

At the movies we feel joy, pain, and a gamut of emotions as we watch the scenes develop in front of our eyes. How often you have walked out of a movie theatre and felt either exhausted or joyful? Your mirror neurons reacted to the scenes as if it was happening to you. The act of observing the emotions in another trigger a cascade of chemicals in our own bodies. There are enormous implications on Rizzolatti discovery, now universally acknowledged “how the brain processes the actions and emotions of others”: Dr Giacomo Rizzolatti, neurologist from the University of Parma, Italy.

As his work makes clear, perceiving the world is not an individual affair limited to our own mental capacities, but a process involving shared neural circuitry. ‘We internalise the experience of others at every moment, automatically and immediately without conscious effort, using neural shorthand created from our own experience.’

We are all one if our brain shares the emotions of someone else that we are either just watching or interacting with. These neurons firing in sympathy with others confirms for me that we are all in the ‘Field’. We are the Field and that we have the ability to influence the directions of our world . So, the old worn out adage of thinking positive thoughts here is  somewhat relevant, as we interact with one another. Our brain is a receiver, translator and sender of encoded information that unites us all.

We are the drop in the ocean and We are the ocean.


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