Imagination and Parallel Universes

Imagination and Parallel Universes.

Extract from the book of Frederick Dodson: Parallel Universes of Self

“Understanding parallel universes means understanding imagination as something very different from what we have been taught. A new understanding of what imagination is will open many gates for you.

Within Reality Creating, the distinction between real and unreal is not made. If any distinction is made, it is between real and manifest. Something has to be real in a parallel universe in order to manifest. Just because you do not perceive it doesn’t mean it is not real. Many events are taking place in this world right now that you do not perceive. That does not mean they are not real. There are many programs on TV that you are not seeing. That does not mean they are not being shown. To think of something as unreal just because your specific viewpoint doesn’t perceive it is presumptuous. Your world –self experiences only a tiny percentage of all that is at a time. Imagination and desires are bleed-throughs from a parallel reality version of self who is already experiencing something. Someone else is already having that experience, and you are feeling it as a desire. You can only desire something that is already yours. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t be feeling it, couldn’t be imagining it and wouldn’t even  be aware of it. The only thing missing now, is that you correspond with it one to one, rather that out of phase with it, which is what a desire is – being slightly our of phase with a certain reality.

If you were so far removed from that reality, you wouldn’t feel any desire for it.”

We are powerful beyond measure, our mind is non-local and when we practice ‘reality creating’, we shift into another parallel universe.  The only reason why our surrounds stays the same is because we have a built in protective system that keeps us phase-locked in 3 D, to protect us from shock. Our brain has devices that rejects what is unfamiliar to us and edit our view of the world to conform us to consensus reality thinking and keep us from multi dimentional access. It would be too much for our sensitive nervous system to absorb. (The asylums all over the world are full of people who have, through drugs use, force those protective ‘gates’ open and step out of this dimension to experience the other realities when they were not ready emotionally and spiritually and therefore considered insane by the medical profession.)

“Remember when you wish to create something, it already exists. What you have been waiting for is actually waiting for you”.

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ . Albert Einstein

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