In ‘No Time’ zone….

In ‘No Time’ zone….

pond_lillies“The key to many forms of healing is the ability of the practitioner to place his consciousness outside of normal physical reality. Usually they explain that they go into a region of ‘no time’ where they are not attached to results. These description are consistent with the SUM  model when  one places his consciousness in a higher dimension where it is not synchronized with a single physical plane but encompasses many planes at once. In such a state all of the many physical possibilities become available enabling the healer to switch to another one. Such an idea challenges the materialistic world but it is not such a stretch for Quantum Physics.( SUM  Synchronised Universe Model.)

We exist in all planes simultaneously, but lack awareness of them because our consciousness is not synchronized with them.

Present reality for us corresponds to the physical plane we are tuned into or synchronized with. We are phased-locked to a particular plane of reality of our choice.  Expressions as “you choose your reality” are no longer metaphors.

Of all the energy flowing through space from the distant matter, the only energy we perceive is that which is ‘in-phase’ with our own. This means that we actually perceive only a fraction of the energy present in space. If we are not synchronized with it, we do not perceive it. It is invisible to us.”

Extract from the book of  Dr Claude Swanson. Physicist.  Lifeforce: The Scientific Basis.


This possibly explain why we sometimes ‘don’t get through’ to some people when we are trying to communicate a concept or system like Bodytalk, Matrix Energetics and other healing system. The people we are trying to ‘ reach’ are simply phase locked into a different wave length that does not match our reality. And sometimes, at a later stage of their journey they will suddenly get it as they have moved on to access a different  plane of reality, one that matches ours. This is not pretentious, it happens that one’s consciousness is focused on consensus reality and all it need is  a ha ha moment in their lives and they shift to a different viewpoint.

Like John Lennon said: “A dream you dream alone is just a dream, a dream we dream together is reality”. Our reality is a Consensus reality, an illusion that we have made real by con census and this bounds us into a dimensional vibration that stops us from experiencing other realities or  dimensions that are here. We are multidimensional and we can experience other planes of existence. The Synchronised Universe Model tells us we can.

(Like a CD with many tracks, will only play one track on the CD player as the remote has only pointed to one track but the other tracks are still present .)

So Choose your reality.


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