Inner Peace

Inner Peace

 Some thoughts for this year..

 As you enter 2013 are you willing to walk through the internal rooms of your life and see the clutter, see  the clutter of thoughts that crowds your thinking, see what has to change and what you need to ‘let go’.

Difficult? Uncomfortable?  hmmm, it appears to be essential to “ let go” and make room if we want to allow more of ourselves, our Consciousness, to enter our space and as long as we are hanging on to our ‘stuff’ we can’t receive what is coming forth.  It is our potential that is waiting to come into our lives, our greatness. Ah…space!


Space – that which embraces and interpenetrates all things, which births form, energy,  information out of apparent formlessness, nothingness. We can access this space with some quiet meditative moments that will bring stillness of the mind, allowing grace to permeate our being and that to me feels like freedom, feels like internal peace. From space, to space and between the spaces, this nothingness of bliss rearranges our frequency, upgrades our ability to function at the dimension of Allowance . Allowing ourselves to see other possibilities, other realities!


Extract from Eckart Tolle: The Discovery of Inner Peace (The New Earth)


“ when we are no longer totally identified with forms, consciousness- who you are- becomes freed for the imprisonment of form. This freedom is the arising of inner space; It comes as a stillness, a subtle peace deep with you, even in the face of something seemingly bad. This, too, will pass allows space around the event. There is also space around the emotional highs and lows, even around pain. And above all there is space between your thoughts. And from that space emanates a peace that is not of this world, because this world is form, and the peace is space. This is the peace of God”

 So as I write my story in the year book of 2013 I would like it to have a theme of detachment. This, too, will pass as my motto…everything is transient in life.  I would like to enjoy the moment without losing myself in it, like the midday sun is there for a fleeting moment only, and a minute later is no longer at the zenith in the sky. So the stuff of our lives should move through us and not stick to us. Should I stay detached I will be able to see it from an  “helicopter” view point, this vantage point of the events unfolding in my life and stay out of judgments because ‘this, too, will pass’.  And as E Tolle says it: detachment brings in another dimension in our lives. And through detachment, comes non-judgement, non-resistance and importantly comes allowance.

The dimension of Allowance. Allow more of me, the Conscious Me to reside in me. So being conscious of this ‘non attachment’ going into 2013, with less bagage……..worth thinking about.



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