It is time to come to your senses..

It is time to come to your senses..


It takes courage to trust our senses since we have been trained to use our Brains to the exclusion of our Hearts. It is indeed time to come to our senses, to allow ourselves to sense again, allow our sensory perception to be our Thinking.


“Our senses are living organs intended to receive communications. They connect us to the stream of informational energy that comes to us every moment of every day that we live. Focusing perception thru the senses immerses the self in the Earth sensory flows” S H Buhner.


Our senses connect us to the world, our ears were shaped by sounds of the world, our sight by the images that constantly flow into our eyes…all these sensory communications breakdown the barrier between ourselves and the world , it is the natural blending of inner and outer. Inner universe and outer universe to merge.

So yes, it takes courage to trust our senses, to shift from the Head to the Heart. Our consciousness then begins to move out of the Brain leaving the analytical mind behind. Achieving heart/brain coherence is the desired goal unfortunately our heart intelligence is still working at a six year old level while our mind intelligence is much further ahead.


“The reduced cortisol production that occurs during Heart coherence directly enhances hippocampal activity as well. The hippocampus comes strongly online. The shift to heart awareness initiates an alteration in body functioning via physiological mechanisms that operate through neural registration of organ feedback to the brain. This kind of synchronization does not    occur spontaneously, unless we habituate heart-focused perception.

Since we have been habituated to the analytical mode of cognition through our schooling, taught to locate our consciousness in the brain and not the heart, this type of entrainment must be consciously practiced.” S H Buhner.


The positive effect of heart/brain entrainment boost the body’s natural production of compounds that protect the mucous membranes and help prevent infection. Blood pressure can be significantly lowered as people experience less anxiety, depression and stress. The benefits for this type of thinking/feeling are huge.

We need to re discover the world that our ancestors knew so well, when they used their heart to direct their actions. We found ourselves in a world where the rate of change and progress today is vertiginous, there always seem to be new things to learn/know—and as soon as we learn them, they become obsolete. But this is not the kind of knowledge the ancients were referring to… deep inside we all have a deep connection to the Earth through our senses!

It is time to come to our senses.

extract from The Intelligence of the Heart in the direct perception of Nature by SH Buhner.

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