Life is a Series of Paradox and Understanding

“You willl never be the person you can be if pressure, tension and discipline are taken out of your life” James G Bilkey.

Life is a series of paradox and understanding the functioning of these opposites’ forces in our life is an important step towards getting ourselves whole.  When we experience the opposites: Tension arises.  Example:


These opposites’ forces fight each other as each one strives to dominate the other. But the tension is transformed when two opposite dimensions of reality are brought together in wholeness. They are 2 sides of the same coin.
Both sources of tension exist to urge us to find ourselves: wholeness.

How can we bring both aspects together?

Conflict is essential for growth but it is viewed much like the friction that arises between the sand and the oyster to produce the pearl.  The friction is there for the successful emergence of the pearl from the oyster’s system.  It is held as evidence of a larger living system’s drive to expand, re-balance itself through the process of conflict.

The challenge is how to recognize the strengths while managing the weaknesses of both sides of the opposing aspect at the same time. They are interdependent and do not exist without the other. To attempt to meet this challenge using our traditional way of thinking is like trying to run an advanced and more complex version of a program through an operating system that has not yet received its upgrade. As you well know, it simply doesn’t work. The beauty, elegance and efficiency of the new version remain unavailable until the upgrade is actually installed.

This is an integral part of growth so instead of avoiding and resisting tension when it arises identify the forces at play. Make space for them to be there together and the tension will transform. We need tension in our lives, it is the force of personal evolution, it sparks creativity and higher consciousness because if we are not comfortable with a situation we will try and change it.

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