Limiting Beliefs limits our Perceived Reality

Perception defines your reality.. you see what you choose to see.

“There is a plethora of neurophysiological data suggesting that the nervous system is not capable of taking in everything, but can only scan the outer world for material that it is prepared to find by virtue of its wiring hookups, its own internal patterns and its past experience. The superior colliculus in the midbrain, a nodal point of neuropeptide receptors, controls the muscles that direct the eyeball, and affects which images are permitted to fall on the retina and hence to be seen.

For example, when the tall European ships first approached the early Native Americans, it was such an “impossible” vision in their reality that their highly filtered perception could not register what was happening and they literally failed to see the ‘ships’.

Emotional Disbelief

“The emotional disbelief is so strong that the eyeballs are directed to look away from the object that they could not compute..” Molecules of Emotions by Candace Pert

We are like a glass vase. Our limitation or perceived limited personal space on the inside of the vase is separated from the vast, impersonal space outside. Only a fragile transparent wall separates the space within from the unlimited space without.

This fragile wall is our ordinary, limiting, self imposed, patterned mind.

Are our belief systems limiting our growth?

Just by changing perspectives we can break through the vase and realize that we were never separated. We are always part of the infinite, loving space.

As we change our inner limiting perceptions, often, the resulting freedom brings joy to our lives.

Give yourself the gift of transformation, no one else can do it for you.

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