Matrix Energetics Seminar in Seattle

Chris Lowe at the Matrix Energetics Conference in Seattle

Matrix Energetics is a powerful consciousness technology that provides for instantaneous and lifelong transformation at the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level in no particular order.

Based on widely accepted principles of Quantum Physics, Matrix Energetics creates and sustains a field of infinite possibilities that is easily accessible to all that who choose to play in it.’

I am privileged to have been one of the 500 attendees at Dr Richard Bartlett’ Matrix Energetics seminar in Seattle recently (May 2011).  To be in the ‘Field’, the Matrix Energetics Field, opens one to the infinite possibilities that the Universe offers us, allows us to shift into a different reality where our potential can manifest. It is truly only limited to our imagination …. and our conditioning.

Incredible atmosphere and experiences

Incredible atmosphere and experiences envelops one in the Field of the ME seminars and one is guided to ‘be’ in one’s heart space.

Dropping into “Heart Space” to access multiple levels of awareness is a way to activate states of potential. The field of the Heart is a Torsion field that spins, allowing one to get into the state of no time, no space= Energy.

In the practice of M/E, the goal is to connect with the client on a multidimensional level, the level where the Field is and changes can happen instantaneously.

You can changfe your DNA

“Change your belief, you change your perception, you change your DNA” Richard Bartlett.

“The present moment is a nodal point on the time line in your life” Melissa Joy J.

“Feeling state, stripped of identification, is Energy” Melissa Joy J.

We can change the past, change its effect on our physiology. Yes, we can. We are made of photons and as photons can move backward and forward in time so we can change the pattern that keeps us stuck in the past, repeating the same incidences in our lives, and allow the pattern to change to a more congruent one so that life ‘shows up’ differently for us.

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