Matrix Energetics Seminars level 1 to 4. Seattle May 2012

Matrix Energetics Chris Lowe Practitioner level 1 to 4.

I came back from attending Level 4 of the Matrix Energetics seminar in Seattle ( May 2012). having experienced huge changes in my reality by “playing” in the ‘Field’ and connecting to the potential that exists in all realities. As a practitioner it expands me as I become a doorway for growth and transformation

Matrix Energetics is a consciousness technology that engages the field of the Heart and the Right brain. It is a powerful new paradigm that one can harness to transform one’s life. Using the principle of Quantum Physics, subtle energy, with focused intent, produces positive shifts that often defy rational explanation. It is a stand-alone system that can be used with any modality and I use it with the Bodytalk System when it is indicated.


The seminar attendees (256 of them for this level, from all parts of the world) were like minded people, who were sometimes surprised and often in awe of the ability to connect to the Source Field of all potential, where ‘Grace’ resides… and let the magic happen. Of course we call it ‘magical’ because our left Brain cannot find an explanation to justify what is happening. But when we can let go of the ideas that ‘it can’t be done, or it can’t be that easy’, this is when seemingly the impossible happens:  Transformation happens on all levels.

Getting ‘out of the way’ is the most difficult part of the process but when we let go and let the Universe in, even for a teeny weeny moment, there is a sacredness that fills that space between the spaces and miracles happen. Yes, the miracle of awareness and your consciousness shifts to a new level.

“Have you ever wondered what information lies at your core?  Information you may have yet to access?  What guidance is available for you?  What transformational possibilities are waiting for you from the Source Field?  What patterns that no longer serves you can you leave behind?  What new patterns are just waiting to be invited in?” Ph.D., Ivy-League science researcher: Rodney Dietert also a Matrix Energetics practitioner.


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