Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is a transformational tool that gives us the opportunity to change our ‘rule set’ on how reality is constructed and transform our world from the inside out.

This transformation takes place at the quantum level interacting with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality. We are ‘energy and information’ and we arrange this conscious energy system into patterns that shape our lives. Patterns like fractals repeat, it is their nature, reproducing the same effect faithfully and if we want to change the patterns that keep us stuck in life, we can engage them in the ‘Field’.

The Field is where all possibilities/potential exist. It is the glue that holds everything together and contains the particles/waves that collapse into reality when observed. Our Reality,our perceived reality.

Matrix Energetics appears magical but is based on the laws of quantum physics: superstring theory and Morphic field resonance (Rupert Sheldrake). It is the work of Dr Richard Bartlett.

Matrix Energetics  is not a technique but a Consciousness tool that uses the field of the heart and the Right Brain. When a client receives a Matrix Energetics session, he/she will feel a wave like motion, whilst their body seems to drop in a completely relaxed state almost instantly. The session is unique to the client. It may appear as if the space between the client and the practitioner becomes non-existent and a sense of oneness can be felt: a Sacred Space. Changes can happen in that Sacred Space.!

Life “shows up” Differently

We can change our ‘past’, change its effect on our physiology. We are made of photons and as photons can move backward and forward in time so we can change the pattern that keeps us stuck in the past, repeating the same incidences in our lives, and allow the pattern to change to a more congruent one so that life ‘shows up’ differently for us.

You can change your DNA.   “Change your belief, you change your perception, you change your DNA” Dr Richard Bartlett.

It can free you from the static belief systems that have dominated your daily lives and affect your physical surroundings in a powerful, permanent, new way.

“When you let go of the need for something to happen or not happen, that’s where grace resides. And anything’s possible there.” Drv R Bartlett.

‘Matrix Energetics® is a powerful consciousness technology that provides for instantaneous and lifelong transformation at the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level in no particular order. Based on widely accepted principles of Quantum Physics, Matrix Energetics® creates and sustains a field of infinite possibilities that is easily accessible to all that who choose to play in it.’ Mellisa Joy Johnson.