Perception and Reality

“Our entire universe is energy vibrating waves of pure potential. The electromagnetic vibrations of our consciousness interact with the energetic potential that exists everywhere, as the life force, to collapse the waves and create matter. So the patterns of our minds create the form of our world. By simply observing the form, we influence it. We in turn are influenced by others. This challenges us to be more aware of the quality of our being and the vibrations we transmit. There is no reality in the absence of observation”

The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum mechanics.

Perception and reality

When we start the process for change it is important that we understand that our own beliefs and attitudes are personal perception that is separate from complete truth.  Our beliefs are ‘stuff’/ ideas/ concept that we have accepted as truth and they have embedded themselves in our energy field in such a way that they create our reality. It is a collection of experiences in our lives that have consolidated into a crystallized form and become an energy circuit embedded in our cells.  Any one who has seen the movie “What the Bleep do we know” would have seen this graphically represented.

The cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton in his book the Biology of Belief explains this process well as well as the research neuroscientist Candice Pert in her book Mollecules of Emotions. We create cells with receptors of the emotion that we are ‘running’  and how it ‘fires’ itself over and over again attracting much of the same to itself. (we all know someone who is constantly angry with the world and every encounter that he has is a difficult angry situation, if you had to mention that he is creating this situation he would get more angry because he cannot see it from his perspective.)

That is what we do, we accept a paradigm as truth and it eventually materialize in our lives… this is our truth, we actualize it, we become it. But it has nothing to do with The Truth as such, this is a version of the truth that we have made our own and we run our lives on it. This is the program, the software

Do you know what runs your show? What is the belief system that overrides you conscious mind? Due to our conditioning here is a familiar one:“I am not good enough.”

This creates the internal perception that one is ‘inferior’ and this perception of reality will colour the individual’s  life and undermine all future decisions and interactions in life.

The unconscious beliefs will prevail as it is held in the sub of the subconscious mind. This is where we meet these ‘collection of experiences’ that has become B/System head on. New scientific info tells us that we have accepted the ‘image’ of who we are from our parents, peers and teachers and see ourselves in those terms..

We can reprogram our subconscious

In the same manner that we have accepted these beliefs we can reprogram our subconscious to a different pattern of energy circuit.  We re-program our subconscious mind to different software. The very idea disturbs and disrupt our current sense of reality and evokes the need for a radical re organization of the way we look at, listen to and move within our world. The knowledge that we are co creators in our reality is an empowering and sobering one as it immediately throws back the responsibility on our shoulders.  Once we get it we can no longer be victims..


We create for ourselves a mantra that re affirm the new ‘me’.

The subconscious mind will accept it as true and it will by process of osmosis filter to your conscious mind and create your reality. Just think of a hypnotist: This artist can shut down the conscious mind and make you believe that you are eating an apple and enjoying it when you are eating an onion. What he is doing is going directly to the subconscious as he will put your conscious mind out of the way by putting you to ‘sleep’.

He is targeting your subconscious mind ….Your eyes won’t even burn or cry as your conscious mind is out of the way and does not contradict your taste buds.

Similarly you can imprint in the sub of your subconscious mind a statement of the new you, it will become second nature and your conscious mind will bring it to reality.

One of the ways to bring to fruition your affirmations is to use all the sensors:

•    Feeling
You have to feel the state of your new self, to feel what it is like to be this new you. As you run this emotion, the cells in your body will be activated to believe that this is it, the change has happened. Every cell in your body reflects your emotion. Prof Masaru Emoto’s work has proven this fact that thoughts and words can change the crystalline structure of water, and it will alter the crystalline structure of the water in your cells. In turn your cellular structure will release the required neuropeptides to nourish the new belief that you are imprinting. The brain does not differ between reality and perceived reality, the same neurons will ‘fire’.

•    Visualization
Play a movie in your mind’s eye, see yourself as the new you. Make it a strong visualization, add all the components of this version of you. Take time to do this, Make it as real as possible, you will enhance your body’s electromagnetic field to reflect this picture of you.

•    Intent
The most powerful potent ingredient in this combination, is the desire to change, the intention is the key ingredient that makes the difference. In her book “The Intention Experiment” Lynne McTaggart gives some stunning scientific experiment on the Power of intent. Cleve Backster who perfected/discovered the lie detector test experimented on plants and other organism and showed the effect that his destructive thought had on a plant. ie the plant registered distress when he directed destructive intent to them. Yes, we do affect our environment with our thoughts; we can choose life affirming thoughts or life denying thoughts. Intent is powerful.

•    Gratitude
The state of gratitude for the new you, is the emotion that binds the rest together, it is saying to the universe that this affirmation is a reality for you and you recognize that you have played a part in this transformation. It creates a particular frequency that attracts to you the same frequency, more will flow your way. Count the blessings in your life, acknowledge them, see the collection of experiences that you have had in life that have made you who you are, the strong person that can take charge of his/her life

•    Take action
Do something positive towards this changed persona, clean up your act, defrag your hard drive, clean up the clutter in your life on a material and physical level. Taking action puts you in control, help you get focused on this change.

It is all up to you, no one can make changes in your life but you.There are different level of reality out there…
Live your reality, observe your thoughts, make the choices that will enhance your life . Every day, you think about 50,000 thoughts. 50,000 times a day you think something and your thoughts weave the cloth of your reality, your world.

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