Thank you Chris!

Body Talk for Depression

I was in a totally numb zone after my dad died. I had not cried and I was going through the motions of daily routine, but I was feeling no emotion whatsoever. There were no highs and no lows, almost as if my body had gone onto auto pilot. After body talk with Chris I woke up the next day, and it was as if my happy button had been switched on again – just like that. Like my trip switch that had gone down had been reset. I had a burst of energy  and my enthusiasm for life seemed to be back on track. Yes, the high did precede the low which came later in the month, when the tears and grief eventually manifested –  but again body talk helped me to work through it.

Don’t let depression take away your spark for life. Body talk I would recommend to anyone who is in a similar place.  give it a try….

Kind Regards

Cheri Bairstow


The Power of Body Talk

“My name is Ingrid Diener, I am 28, and BodyTalk changed my life.

I had been in and out of conventional therapy for various emotional issues since I was 11 years old. Unfortunately, after 16 years, this was not working as well as I had hoped. It seemed as if I was unable to shake the addiction to self-mutilation and decided to try Body Talk as an alternative.

After 12 months of Body Talk, not only have I stopped cutting myself; I have also stopped experiencing the debilitating period pain which I had been used to. The feeling of being freed from such severe and chronic pain is indescribable. I have a new lease on life, and don’t have to put everything on hold for 3 days every month.

I also have much fewer PMS symptoms and seem to be smoking less.

In short I received much more than I had hoped for and would recommend Body Talk to anyone suffering from any form of disease: both physical and mental.”

Chris, thank you for all the wonderful life-changing energy which you have facilitated in bringing into my life.

Ingrid Diener

Body Talk

“Beauty comes from within. That’s what I found with Chris’s Body Talk Treatments. Her beauty and tranquility were a balm for my soul, and have given me a new lease on life – an ongoing transformation which I never believed could be achieved – especially at 60! Thank you Chris.”

Gill Dent


Safe Space

Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for the wonderful sessions and the amazing journey I have experienced with Matrix Energetics in the past few months. I have been to see you about 4 times and each time the shifts were tangible. You provide a safe space; your insights and wisdom are profound and have given me a deeper understanding of my behaviour patterns and how I can change what is not working for me. I have a sense of an unfolding of the layers and being able to view my life with an open heart. I have noticed profound changes in how I react to people and situations and how I am opening up and trusting, which had been very difficult and painful for me before. There are some big lessons in my life being presented at the moment (they were probably always there but I didn’t notice) and I’m so grateful to you for helping me to move what does not serve me anymore and replace it with positive beliefs about who I am.


Distant sessions
“After being a client of Chris’s for myself and my two children for over four years, I was delighted to hear when I moved to the UK that I could have distant sessions.
I have found them to be just as powerful and definitely have noticed an energetic shift in my well-being after a session. I do miss seeing Chris’s smiling face and her wonderful energy, yet it is definitely a great way to receive her treatments and for me to benefit from her healing energy and wisdom. I would definitely recommend her distant sessions if you can’t get to visit Chris in person.”

Maxine Clancy: Lifecoach UK


Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for fitting me in yesterday.

I felt exhausted when I got home but suddenly felt so energized and calm and at peace.  I still had a slight “headache” this morning, but it has gone now.  Body Talk is really amazing and you are a wonderful practitioner … thank you.

Enjoy the afternoon,



I am strong, confident and ready to embark on a whole new life as the real ME. Thank you Chris for the treatments. Without Bodytalk I cannot imagine where I would be today.(I was recovering from my third admission to hospital for depression when I was introduced to Bodytalk).



I have been working with Chris Lowe and Body Talk since 2006. I have always expanded my ability & knowledge base to be able to assist my clients more fully and BodyTalk is one of the answers to that quest.  The simplicity & directness to the source of imbalances is amazing. Because of its effectiveness my business has expanded with a constant referral base and BodyTalk has greatly alleviated my asthma and other health issues. It has also given me more mental clarity, inner peace, and confidence. I would recommend to anyone discovering what ! Bodytalk is all about

Grant Vernon www.grantvernon.com

Purpose in Life

Dear Chris,

Since I have been having Bodytalk sessions with you, I have experienced a subtle but profound improvement in my health and mental clarity. I have been more focused and directed in my occupation, and have been clearer about my purpose in life. Any stress levels that I experienced before the sessions, dissolved and I came away feeling calm and centered. Bodytalk has made a remarkable difference to my life.
I thank you for working with the utmost integrity and will not hesitate to recommend your services.

Yours sincerely,

Matrix Energetics

Good Evening Chris

Once again thank you for everything! I am sorry I missed your call, turns out I am out of air time so hence the email again.

I slept very well for the first time in ages last night, I did have a strange dream about a doctor operating on me in the area of my heart chakra, I was very relaxed and at peace in my dream and woke this morning with a sense that everything is okay in the world again and good things are headed my way. Thank you so much, I am truly grateful for everything.

Nikki  S.

Joy and delight

“It is thanks to regular visits to Chris Lowe for Body Talk, EMF and now Matrix Energetics that my life and business have turned around. Where I lived with anxiety and fear I now live with joy and delight at every moment.  I am able to help far more people in the development of literacy and a better life.

As Dancing Pencils, National TV 2 recently interviewed not only me but some of the many people, young and old, who have had great benefit because of my work. This will show on “Mother of All Professions”, channel 2, Saturday mornings at 11.30 am, in about two months time. For some of our activities, see my website www.umsinsi.com.  So thank you Chris!”

Felicity Keats Morrison

I am now Seeing with my Heart

Dear Chris

As you know the past many months have been a very challenging medical and emotional journey for me. The learning curve has been huge and pretty much life transforming. My greatest anxiety through it all was the loss of ‘my brain’ because I have always lived in and from my head.  Along my journey I was directed your way and from the first session I experienced the most comforting shift from anxiety that I would never get ‘me back’ to belief  I was going to recover my mind  ( Yippee I have got my brain back) and body – However there has been a huge and unexpected bonus. I have discovered my soul.

One of my favourite books has always been ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. In particular the secret the fox shared with the little prince.

•        ‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye.’

I am now starting to see with my heart .

THANK YOU for that gift.

Kind Regards