Spontaneous Ceremony at Church on the Rock, Sedona.

Spontaneous Ceremony at Church on the Rock

– Part 1:  Our Experience

By HeatherAnn Smith  guest blogger


Throughout the world and throughout time, people have performed ceremonies.  There are many ceremonies and rituals deeply rooted in religion and cultural traditions.  There are, also, the spontaneous ceremony where synchronicity meets landscape and Earth energies, when the person or persons involved ‘know’ what to do and when and then simply do it.  This is the story of one such event.


It came about simply enough.  Training for EMF Balancing Technique brought us together – 3 Australians (Dee from Queensland, Justus from Victoria and Heather from New South Wales) and 1 South African (Chris).  Dee, Chris and Justus were strong pals, Justus and Heather were beginning a long-term friendship and professional collaboration.  We were in Sedona USA, a place of powerful vortices, stunning rock formations and wonderful sweet energy.


We moved into the training for the Phase 11 of the Technique – all about the union of the sacred feminine and masculine.  Enthusiastically, I jumped right in as the receiver, Chris stepped in as the practitioner and Dee the assistant.  The combination came about so easily, it felt ‘right’ to all.

We had a lunch break when Chris and Dee shared how they were anxious to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross also known as the Church on the Rocks where the Catholic Church had built a beautiful, rustic and unusual church.  They had little time to do this and no means of transport.   Chris explains the sensation of urgency she experienced:


“I had this NEED to be in that church, I recall being insistent that Dee and I find time to get there. It was almost as if there was something unfinished for me.  And this is why.  In 2001 or 2002, my son and I were in Sedona and we visited this church.  I was fascinated by the ‘feeling’ that I experienced there – like a déjà vu of something that I could not put my conscious mind to remember. My son had quite a job getting me to leave the place and get back to our hotel. I bought their beautiful calendar which has a photo of the church for every month and it was literally ‘in my face’ every day of that year.  So, at this visit to Sedona,  all I know is that I had to be there.  I mentioned this a few times to Dee and really this was the only place I HAD to see.”

As soon as Chris and Dee shared their desire to visit the church, it felt ‘right’ to offer to drive them, even though I had been there earlier.  We all agreed that our mutual friend, Justus was to also come with us.  So, we slipped away quickly.

The church was mostly free of visitors when we arrived.  As we walked into the church, we all felt the amazing energy emanating from the vortex and I noticed that it was stronger on this visit than my first.  I felt an unusual anger that the altar was located right at the centre of the vortex, like it was inappropriate to be there.

We did not speak to each other, each of us lost in our own feelings and space.  I observed Chris walk down the aisle toward the front and stand a metre from the altar.  Then Dee followed her and stood behind her.  I also followed and stood behind Dee – all of us in a row.  The energy intensified and we held the mudra (hand position) we had learnt that would anchor the energies as we felt one of the gridlines or lei-lines of the Earth, under our feet.

The energy kept increasing and shifting.  Chris also had a strong intuition that the altar was built on the centre of the vortex and where several lei-lines met.  Without communicating with each other, we each held our energetic and physical stance. Chris held the core energy in a position used by EMF practitioners.  Dee, behind her, with her hands to her side in an open position, also holding the energy.  I let my hands find their natural position, gradually raising them and holding them above my head in a V-shape as if to bring down the energy from the sky.

My sense was one of obedience, without question – a Universal Truth.   I have experienced this in many places, usually alone.  For me, this was the first time it happened as part of a group.  Dee had a sense of light streaming in, as if a door had been opened and sunshine was pouring in, in a fan-shaped shaft of light entering through me.  Chris turned to see the energy pouring from me, down, upwards and to either side.  She describes “it was almost surreal….. as if we were in an altered space/time”.  This experience lasted a few moments and Chris was able to break the formation and take a photo while the energy continued to pour in.

Again without communicating, we then grouped in a semi-circle in front of the altar, from left to right – Chris, Heather, Dee.  All three of us then held the mudra for anchoring energies.

We then returned to the realization of place and space to find the church was filled with many people, sitting quietly and seeming to be part of the ceremony that had taken place.  We returned to Justus sitting on the back bench and sat in silence.  Justus was quietly weeping and when gently asked why, she did not know.

Dee shares “I felt strongly that we had all been brought together again to perform an ancient ritual ceremony that we had participated in previous times and failed.  This time it was right and completed as intended”.  Justus remembers that she went downstairs and then felt that something important had been achieved.

We all left the church and the energy receded.   Ceremony and ritual like this is driven by pure intent, where each individual follows their own ‘intuitive knowing’ without question or interpretation, simply noting feelings and impressions.  Our human selves, especially our minds, search to bring meaning in each nuance.  And so our minds step in to analyse and set in ‘stone’ an explanation.

So often, this analysis occurs at the time of the ceremony and can interfere with its pure expression.  It was appropriate then that we drove in silence on the return journey to our training venue, each integrating our individual experiences in our unique ways.  The training completed and we all went our separate ways.

To this day, the meaning remains unclear.  We have shared our story with each other and trusted friends and gathered valued comments.  We now share the story further so that you have the opportunity to contribute to the deeper understandings.

My next blog will explore the possible meanings.

Many thanks to Chris, Dee and Justus and all present in the Church for their participation in this ceremony.  And many thanks to Chris for writing her recollections soon after and prompting the rest of us to share our views before our memories became dim.

Blessings to all.


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