Turning Problems into Opportunities

”As you develop the strength of your personality, you prepare yourself to recognize opportunity, to pursue opportunity and seize it and build a self-image with which you are able to live — with your self-respect alive and growing.” Maxwell Maltz

What do you imagine when you think of your future?

Do you see the problems or do you see opportunities and successes?

We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems

There is an old saying about opportunity knocking at your door. What is opportunity, and when does it knock?  Wait for it……. It never knocks.

You are opportunity, and you must knock on the door leading to your destiny.

Problems or opportunities = lessons

Life is always propelling us forward to experience ourselves as greater Beings. There are new connections/contact to be made, coming to us disguised as ‘problems’. How we respond to them is going to assist in shaping our life and personality. We constantly attract to ourselves the situations where we have to learn more of who we are and face the lessons. It feels easier most times to run away from the situation than deal with it but all we are doing is postponing the lesson as it will reappear in another shape or form.

Problems test us. They force us to go inside to recognize a bigger picture of ourselves and of life.. See the gift in the problem as it is always so, you might not like the wrapping that the gift is coming to you in but shift your awareness to the opportunity that it represents and it will ease your distress. This is the Tension of opposites once again and they will struggle to hold until you have recognized that it is there. Courage to rise above the problem will bring the solution in ways that you did not think possible.

Consider some questions that are truly empowering when we experience a ‘problem’:

  • Is there a message for me in this experience?
  • What’s the gift in this situation?
  • What can I learn from this?
  • What’s the most loving thing I could do now?
  • What’s the most important thing for me to focus on now?
  • What would I do if I knew I could not fail?
  • What would I do if there were nothing to fear?

How is a ‘problem’ in your life really an opportunity? It is an invitation to look inward and see the bigger picture of your life. Are you open to new possibilities/opportunities, are you ready to expand your awareness in different area. Oftentimes the challenges in our lives are there for us to grow and become more of who we really are.
To grow and expand our horizons involves, among other things, shifting gears to a different level of living.

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