What does wellness mean to you?

What does wellness mean to you?

We all have points of reference to go back to measure our level of wellness.

There have been times in our lives when we didn’t have a care in the world. Our world consisted of a series of moment to moment of pocket of activities that prevented us from thinking too much of what was happening around us. Or shall I say where we were at on our timeline path to adulthood. We were not aware of our contribution to the energy field of general Consciousness, we were engrossed in the Consciousness present in the society we lived in. As we evolve through life, our thoughts about ‘life’ changes. We learn to accept others as they are, not as we want them to be, and experience a change in Consciousness and in turn alter the Consciousness of the planet. We affect the ‘Field’ whether we are aware of it or not. This Field, that interconnects us all, has an immense influence on our lives.  (Recall some activities that were considered acceptable by our families’, their circle of friends that now feel alien to us. We, the whole of humanity, have had a shift in Consciousness and no longer can adopt/accept a point of view that our parents, peers, teachers endorsed in their timeline.) seattle and sac may 2011 051

Like humanity, Consciousness is evolving constantly, wellness use to be an absence of sickness or discomfort but more and more people are wanting to move beyond that place of surviving to being fully present in their bodies and feel the joy of living in a physical vessel that mirrors their thinking.

 Consciousness has different textures of reality within it. These other spheres of reality exist but feels out of bound to our linear thinking mind. This idea is gaining grounds.* Our minds are multidimensional and unlimited by space time, we can shift to another space/place and find answers to our concerns, shift to a reality where the ‘concern’ is not presently active. How often have you said “I am not in a good place” when you were out of sorts with consensus reality, recognising that there is a place where you are at ease with yourself i.e well.

This Consciousness technology is available within us, we can find it in our Heart space, where grace resides.

Life could unfold differently if we only allowed ourselves to think differently and step out of our rational mind,

 ‘Accepting that reality is a dream would just be another belief, and no belief is true.” Jed McKenna

*Dr R Bartlett, Terence McKenna and many others.

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