What else is possible for you?

What if All of life came to you with ease, joy and glory? What else is possible for you?

Living in the Question allows you to be open to all the probable possibilities that life has for you.

Living in the questions creates the possibility for you to have greater choice in life and the contribution that you are and can make in the world. Dr G Douglas. The Founder of Access Consciousness. http://www.accessconsciousness.com/about-access.asp.

Asking the question is really questioning the beliefs, point of view that we have about certain situation in our lives. Beliefs about money, relationships, love etc which have been passed down to us from our parents and peers, and that we have taken on board (on our PC motherboard, our hard drive). These programs will faithfully work to keep us in a vibrational state that set our limits and boundaries of what is possible ie it has been concretized in our energy field. So the choices we have made in the past have solidified in the material world,  keep attracting the same experiences and thus re-affirm our lives.

My take on this looking from a Q/ Physics perspective of a ‘point of view’ or ‘belief” is that when we were making a judgement call about a situation we collapsed the potential wave of possibilities from the Zero Point Field into matter and formed a point of view about that ‘something’ in our lives and from then on life ‘showed up’ exactly how we  had stated it would be.

And when we ask a Question, like: What else is possible here? Not allowing the left brain to give us a narrow answer,  we can de-cohere the energetic aspect of that belief and allow it to become a fluid wave state again and transform to whatever is possible for us. It changes how we ‘show up’ in our world.

BARS can do that for you, allow your inherited beliefs stuck in your electromagnetic field to dissipate  and transform itself and make room for you to receive more of You.

So if you wish to experience an Access Consciousness BARS session, either contact me or see on the website for a facilitator..

Are you ready to receive and be more of who you are?

You are the only one to answer this question.



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